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Chapa 5: An Expof,tión upon the Book of J O B. Ver.22. ròg Thirdly, Obferve, That the expectation of evil is more afflillive than thefeeling of evil: He Both not fay, he is !lain with the Sword, or cut off with the Sword ; but he is waited for, or he waites for the Sword : All evil attends, him( who is thus attended, or who gives fuch attendance. He that is always looking for evil , cannot enjoy the good which he fees. For as the affured hope of approaching comfort (wallows up our prefent forrows, fo the continual expeóatio i of approaching furrow, (wallows up.. our prefent comforts. Fourthly, It is not laid either by what Sword, or by whole Sword he is waited for, but he is waitedfor of thefword ; here is the Sword, but here is no hand named, neither the hand of God, nor the hand of man, drawing and weilding,,this Sword.' Hence note, Thatthe deffruelion of a wicked man is inevittble. When we neither know whofe the Sword is, nor whence the Sword is; how {hall we prevent it, or provide againfi it. When the CumSuppli- Lord would affure us, that an unavoidable' overthrow than ciuni dicitur come upon the Kingdoms of the earth , which oppofe the &non dicing? Kingdom of Chrifi, he faith, AStone cut ofc(witbotit hand, a quoinferea fhall do this; it than be done no man knows how or which obitjut tppti_! way; and therefore no man can know howor which way to ciumfrgnifica- hinder the doingof it. As there is a Stone cut out without tut. 6anfì, hands, fo here is a Sword to cut without hands. The judge- ment of Babylon is thus expreffed by the Prophet (/fa, 47. a t.) There( refh llevil come upon thee,thott (halt not knowfrom whence it'arifeth ; andmifchiefJhallfall upon thee, thoufhalt not be able to put it of The former words expound the latter : Why fhouldnot Babylon be able to put offthe mifchief? Becaufe it comes upon her the knows not from whence. We fay in our Proverb, when we threaten a mifchief, from which there is noefcaping,Tou ¡hall never know whohurtyou : He that knows not who hurts him, íkall never know how to helphimfelf; and while thehand that firikes usis not feen, how (hall we fee to defend our felves againfi theBroke. He that waits for the Sword isalways'in fear,andhe that is waited for by the Sword, is :always indanger. Either of thefe is bad enough,; and` he thatis under both, cannot be woofe.- JOB,