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Ghap.i5* An Exppfltio'k itpon theBoo^of J;QB., Verf.jq, i6$ branches, doth often befal.both treesind, branches taken .in the MetaphoncaMenfeilasthere i n . t h f t i i F s b t a - them up* A Gadly;man is compared to a Treeflourifning .and growing, by the waterfide ■, wicked med are‘.compared !ome- times to flouriftiing tree's, but they grow by the,firefide: Lhe flamedries up their branches. ; Hencd Note. 2H1 boO io. amsi'i •->(» ;Elt&iShemrathflf Gt4 if* x.dtvimrikgftmtfbi flame ofGois.elifpleaJiir* , puts all into a flame. That flame will burn up branches, how goodly >how ilrong , how high foever.theyaregrown v though as lirong as the Oaks of Ba- Jhan, high,as the Cedars..inJstbattin§-;>yet this .flame will dry themnp.'i/iEhe Prophet Zechxriabtpe&ks thispoiht;, while he thus befpsaks .Lebanon (. Zech.s iqx,) 0[>en tbydoors, 0 Lebanon, that thefire.may devour thy Cedars : 'Tis interpreted as a Prophefie of the deftru&ion of Jerufalem, and Judea, by the Roman power j as Chritt after threatned them for rejecting him and his Counfel; The words of the Prophet may be uhderftobd two ways* j either lite rs illy fo r the deftru&i* on of that Forreif ofLebanon, which the .Romans cut. dfewn for the feryice of their Siege again!!Jerufalem •, or figurative- ly,for the flourifliing eftate of lerufalent,whofe branches,though like the branches of the Cedars inLebanonwere dried up by the flame of that dreadful war. In which lhle and figure the Prophet;!faiab denounceth the judgments of God(cv2. i 2,r3e]the dayofthe Lordjball beupon everyone thatis proud andlofty,$Cc. Attdupon all the Cedars ofLebanon.And the Prophet Eze^puf§ forth this Riddle and Parable (C bap .iy .^ .f Thus faith rhe LotdiAgreatEagle(.that isfllebxchadut&zarKmg of Babylon) withgreat wings, longwinged, full offeathers , which haddivers colours, cameunto Lebanon ( that is,unto Judea and Jerufalem) and tookjhehigheii branch of the Cedar i Namely,Jchojakim the King of Judah, and carried him Captive to Babylon, IbefjOrd can.makgany affliction a confumption to the mojlbtaur- f fu l hvgufibey of&lirtfuLfeoptet orperfo&vWhat foevet he ufeth as aniinffijument of his indignation, nis hisflame •: In ' this fen.fe,o theystyoWaterSlwhich drownedthe old World, were the fire and flame Of God’ ; He caai by poverty, as by a flame, confume and dry up Riches vby*difgtficcr as by a flame , cork* fume and dry ujaihonbui? yby fickttefs;asby'a . , Y i and