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i G4 Chap.-15. AnExpofitión upon the Bookof J p B. VerC30. and dry up health ; God hath fpecial flames for every fpecial branch , nothing can continue to do us good , when God gives warrant or- Commi(lìon to any of his flames to fèorch and confume it, The flame_hall burn up his branch. Andby the breathof his mouth /hall hego away. We have the Flame of God in the former claufe, and the breathof his mouth in this : Some Interpreters conceive that Eliphaz mentions -thefe two The Flame, and.the breath,pur- pofely toput Job in minde, what God had done to him ; for we read in the firtl Chapter of this Book , of the flame of God, a firefrom. Heaven confuming-that branch, his flocks of Sheep, and a breath fromGod, namely , amighty- thongwind, detlroying a more precious branch , his flock of- Children . E. liphaz cloaths this difcourfe in fuch terms as might eatily re- mind and reprefent tofob , what God had done to him , in of hiscalamity. And by the breath of his ,mouth /hall he go away. There is yet a differenceamong Expoltorsabout the Ante, «dent to his : Hid' mout-b,whole mouth ? Mall underfland it; of the breath ofGods mouth, as -hath been hinted already: Some expound it of the breath of the wicked mans own mouth ; I thall touch upon both. Firfl, By the breath of Gods mouth he _hall ga away ; the breath of God maybe taken two -ways. Either firfi ( as the Flame- before) for his anger-, which is often exprcffed bypuflfwg the breath. 4 Secondly, It -may be taken for the decree, oreletelrmination of. God. Both thefe wayes a wicked man goes away by the- breath of God ; firfi,.by the anger of God , if God do but breath an- gerly upon him, he is blatled and gone, Hisglory and greatnefs dangarifb.before the leafspuffofDivine diJpleafure : God needs not make great preparations ofArmies, or Forces, to contend with-wicked men, .he:needs not raife Mounts and Batteries, to overthrow their bell FortificationsofRiches andHonòur.7he Channels ofwaters were feen ( faithDavid,, Pfal. IS. 15.) and thefoundations of the Worldwere difeovered, at shy rebuke , O 1,9rdrattbeblajb ofpbebreath.ofshyaaoffrils. The Prophet tells thole,