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17o Cháp.,15. An Expófitionupon the Bookof J O B. VerC3i, Secondly, Of Opppreffors, who pervert Juftice , or deal falily among men : The fire . _avail conform the Tabernacles of Bribery. Under thefe two heads, we may reduce all forts of (inners : Sinners againft God, under the notion of Hypocrites., and tanners againfi men, under the notion of Oppreífors , who pervert judgement bygiving or taking bribes: All which Eli- phaz concludes, by a defcription of their evil actings (the caufe of all their fuffcrings) under that elegant Metaphor of Child- bearing, They conceive mif, chief, and bringforth vanity, and their bellyprepareth deceit : Thus you have the refolution and fcope of the latter part of this Chapter. VerC 3fi. Let not bien that is deceived 'ruff in vanity. Thefe words contain the Dehortation : Here are three terms to be explained. Fini, What is meant by being deceived. Secondly, What by trotting.. Thirdly, What we are to underfiand by Vanity. Let not him that is deceived. The Original word fignifies, either the turning ofthe foot, or the turning of the heart, or both out of the way (Pfal. écpús ufuw 119. a 76'.) d havegone affray like a loft Jheep : That is, I have erur de erroe . been deceived, and fo have gone out of the way of thy holy cordis:& po Commandments. Satan is an ill guide, and our hearts are 411s.. no better : He that follows either, quickly lofeth himfelf: And until God feeketh us up (as David prays in the next words). we cannot find our way when we are once out of it ( Ezell 44.. 15,. ) The Fria, , the Levites,'t%e fons of Zadock that kept the charge of my Sanituarÿ , when thepeople of Ifrael went affray from me, theyfhall come neer to sae: When the people walked in by-places, and were intan- gled in ,the bryars of their own corruptions then the Priefis kept the Charge of the Lord: It was a great mercy,, that when thepeople were deceived,the Priefis were not , that when,the (beep went affray, the Shepherds didnot, if"Priefts and people go affray together, who{hall reduce them : But to the point, Ifrael went affray. They who led them did not sauf ;.