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Chál2.i5. Eopofttáo2t upon t j 0 B. Vex(,:t3. 5:t will ? Nay, but O man who art thou that replieif againft God What ? wilt thou chopLogick with God himfelf? Wilt thou (as the Margent faith) anfwer again, Or difpu to with God.? Hold thy peace, quiet thy felt, Wh; is the matter that thou turneff thy fpirit againff God ? Spirit is here put for the will, thoughts and counfels of slilrirsu pis Man, cloathed and elated with Arrogancy , Stoutnefs and, pride ' In all Languages, Spirit imports that which tr high. And to fay, Such a ane.ú a man of fpirit, notes not onely the mag" gerers anü oa ouí fu.. adivenefs of that man, but often his pride and haughtinefè,; ierb;atúrr=r, Betides, Spirit is fometirnes put for indignation, for fury, bter< and wrath ; in all which Acceptions, the word may be ten idtumetact Bred here, Thou turned. thyfpirit that is, thy anger and wrath, verfcr Deem thy fury and indign'.tion againft God. So the, word is.yufëd, fVÚj rums? 1Ca. 25.4. When tbefpirit, or blaff of ,toe terrible ex sA. as a ßío torte porno againff the Wall ; that is while the fury of the terXibke convverrár èrG ones is in its higheft march and motion, God p,om'ifeth`.to be cmlum Lums., a ttrength to the poor, a firength and a refuge to the needy in ',a quid i his dihrefs : So Prov. 29. r F ó A fool tettereth all his mind, or all floma§uvt his fpirit ; that is, all his anger, he lets it out, and diÇcosxzs evocrtco sne; himfeif prefently; but a wife man (if there be s44. Of rant irom.p}n anger) keepeth it in till afterwards ; that is, till a fit feafe . d"L z n ^nQC' He path a retentive faculty which a fool bath not. Now, in diCum, tuna which fenfe foever of thefe explained, we underftandSpirit tox.em7,fpdi in the pretènt Text, the charge is as high as it can go upon rum paumdee any man , when`'tis laid -, He turneth his Spirit aPainf Proraítfluttus; i. e. tram. God. Aben Ezra. Hence obferre : i$ete ant 9t u. To turn thefpirit againft God, it the veryfpirit ofungodlinefs, i e. éraz< Ho there is nogreater wickednefs than this. A godly manmay rat. do an ad- which is..againft God, but his fpirit cannot aft againft-God ;'that is the c.har.aC;ter of the wicked.Agodly man delights in the Law of God according to the inwardman, whilft the outward man fins againft the Law of God ; an ungodly man turns his inward man againft the Law of God, while his outward man pretends obedience to it; and as it is an aft of higheft difobedience, fo oftlae proudeft pride, to turn the fpirit againft God. TheVulgar Latin tranfates it well, Why doth thyfpirit(well againff God,.Thou haft an Impofiumation in thy fpirit againft God ; yea, it is not onely an aft of the proudett H a ptàde;