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¡I, tio ti Chap.z 5. A4Expofition upon the Book of J Q B. VerC r6. bitually finful , or that he isabominable and filthy. He that doth righteoufnefs is righteous, and he that doth unrighteouf nets is unrighteous. If man were not filthy , he could not drink iniquity ; that is, feed upon , and delight in fin , which is but filthinefs. This expreflion of mans finfulnefs is further confiderable, he doth not onely commit iniquity , but he drinks iniquity, and he doth not lip at its, but he drinks it like Water. Elihu fpeaks thus ( job 341. What man is like lob, who driniieth upfcorning like water,; and fo, doth Solomon ( Prov. 26.6.) He thatfends a meffàge by the handofafoul, cuttethof the feet, and drinketh dammage ; that is , he thail have dammage enough, a full draught of it, his belly-full of it, by fending fuck an empty-headed meffenger upon his errand. So to drinkiniquity, and todrink it like water, is to do abundance of iniquity. I thall give feven obfervations, which will difcover the intend. ment of this manner of fpeaking , and draw out the ror,an g of, Hedrinks iniquity like water. Firfi, thus,Man naturally bath a (frong appetite or 'Mans natural defixe is to nothing elfe but fin. Drinkï plies appetite ; a man doth not drink (ordinarily ) till pie is thinly : And though Drunkards have fometimes no thirti , yet they have always a thong defrre to drink. Sinful man is a thirfi for, and defires the drafts of fin (Ephef, 4. 19. ) He commits iniquity,wish greedinefs , which is a Metaphor taken ,.fromeating and drinking : And becaufe man bath nota great - er deflreafter any thing than to drink , therefore it is grown to a Proverbamong us , when we would thew our willing- nefs to do a thing, we lay, We will do it as willingly as to drink ,.when we area thirfi. Such is the bent of man to fin ; that he hath no more reludanee to commit it , than the thirftyman bath to drink; He thirtieth after it as vehemently,as David did after God (Pfal, )MySoul thirtiethfor Godfor the living _tiod;as the Hartpanteth after the water braoks,fopanteth myfoul after tbee , OGod, Or again , the heart of man thirtieth after the waters of iniquity , as David thirfied after the waters ofthe well of Bethlem, who will giveme to drink of the wa- tersof the Well ofBethlem. At which word,fome of his migh- tymen brake through the whole Hoff ofthe :Enemy, to fetch that water, When man thirlis for this water ofiniquity, his own