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Chap. IS. yin expefitien upon the Boer of J o B. Vert 14. é9 ;la Tabernacles were ordinarily removed and taken down, their flakes were Toone puld up, and their coards broken. But Sion at tall (hall be finch a Tabernacle as (hall not be removed. But how foone is the Tabernacle of mans body removed ? the flakes thereof are eafily taken away, and the coards thereodfbro- ken . There is nó trufting to it for a day, yet the trufls to it, as if it were let up for Eternitie. Here's his confi- dence, he thinkes tó live long, that his body fhould holdout in all winds and weathers , but downe it fhall, down he muff. Lrt not the firong man glory in hisftrength , but let him that glorietio glory in the Lord. Secondly , By Tabernacle we may ( according to Scripture underftand The place ofyworfhip ; fo his confidence Ihall be roo- ted out ofhis Tabernacle, is as if it had been plainly faid, Ali the confidence (he may pretend to have very much) that bee loath in God shall faile him ; The wicked mans confidence grimes flrong upon this confderation that he_ frequents the Tabernacle, that he goes td the publick worfhip, and applye; himfedfe to a bodily exercife in outward ordinances Thus 'twas with the 7eives ( ser. 7. 3, 4.) their confidence was roo- ted in the Tabernacle, and at laft it was rooted out of the Ta -. bernacle ; they cryed, The Temple of the Lord theTemple of the Lord are Tree ; they thought to carry it againft all , becanfe they were a Temples a Tabernacle, and they had the pure inffitutt- ons ofworfhip among them. In this they trufted and were roo= ted when there was falfe fwearing and lying among them, when they committed abomination againft God and dealt falfely with one another yet then their confidence was in the Tabernacle. Some thinke Bildad aymes particularly at the O- ratory or publick place of worfhip which ?ob bad formerly frequented and in which he had a great name,; With this his friend checkt and upbraided him, that now his confidence was rooted out ofhis Tabernacle. Eliphaz took'him up thus in the 4`k Chapter Is this thyfeare and thy confidence ? thou buildeft much upon thy religious attendance at the Tabernacle., that thou art a worih.pper,yet God bath rooted out thy confidence, and manifefiedthat thy Religion is vaine. Saints are planted in the hoofe of God (Pfal. 9z. 13. ) they have a kinde of rooting there ; but though the Tabernacle bee a good rooting place, N yet