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Chap, ES. An Expofition upon the Book of JOB. Verf 17. t i 7 be remembred among men were not a great honour, this were not fo great a Lin. The memory, or name ofthe wickedfhall rot, Prov. i o.4He Both not fay, his houle, or his body (hall rot, though they mull, but his memoryfhall rot ;that is, either it (hall not be remembred at a!1, or when ever it is, itfhall be remem- bred as a rotten thing. Good men,ufually, have an ill naine amógmany in the world, and indeed they can farce be good, ofwhom all fpeake well ; yea the belt may for a timehave a blot upon their name among thofe that are good ; but commonly their blot is given by thole that are evill< And it is forneadditionof honour to be ill ipo ken ofby thofe that are evil'. For as it is a difcomme edition to be commended by fuch, and a kinde ofdifrelleci to be re- fpe&ed by them, fo it is our commendation to be difcorn- mended by them, and an argument ofour integrity, when they condemn us. But it isa precious priviledge tohave a name with thofe whole names are precious, and to be efteemed by thofe who are juftly had in eftimation. Further, though the nameof a Good man for a while be under.a cloud, yet his light brakes forth againe ; and though all the while he lives, his name fuf- fer among many, yet when he dyes, his name revivesamong all. How precious was thenameofPaul, to the Saints in his dayes how precious is it among all true Saints to this day ? yet while he lived,he was accounted by in ft,as the cf -fcouringofallthings Reproached, Saints recover honour when they dye, whereas the names of wicked men who lived in honour, fall under re- proach when they dye. A goodmans name is belt when dead ,; A wicked mm may have a name while he lives. Nero is now called a Tyrant ;if any had calledhim fo while he lived, he could not have had fafe living in any part ofthe world. But though dl>:t.eéers cry up wicked men while they live, in hope to get by them, and though the fincere dare not cry them downe, fearing to be ruin'd by them yet when they are in their graves, they have no name in the fireets, but a name ofdif. grace. Againe, Obferve; To want aname among men, is mrflgrievous to awicked man. ..offe of credit and eftimation among men, is anafflí&ion to any