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Chap. 18. e4,t Expoftion opon the Boob`, of o a. Verf.zo4. what the fight or report of theft teerible judgements wi;f worke, both in pretent and after ales. Verf. ao. they that come after him (hall be a(tanr"fheei art ¡no day, as they that went before were affrighted. For ehe openingof this eerie, we may empire ; fire he tneanes by, They that come after, and, they Char went be ore him ; fecondly, what byhis day ; tl!irjl ', what by ,:flonif:Ice1.,m1 Trióhted. nrI 17 toov rni Drefcr. prtorei,qxr, 7uc temporeví vebanrl ;xdi- ciAnt ac Fper6 viurcrunt: ViCrc. íFertvijeper pri- mos noviffi- 5rat inreltigtr 'mosr fclu,t qui&. 'Bate tales feint, fed ttiam eos qui quacunq;rem fFcfl-rc f tri invi- sem fune primi tnovrllirri.q. They that cerne after him, f7.. Thole that come after, and rhofe that went before, arc all. men. If it be laid, how could they that went before hint be affrighted at his day z they that never law his day, could not be troubled at it ? I anfwer; The Originall word Both nor lignifie ariaty fuch as live before we live, but such, who though they were borne before tic, yet are alive while we live ; that is, men mo:e ancient then our Pelves, and yet our contemporaries ; fo here, theywho went beforethis wicked man, are filch, who though they were borne before him, yet lived with tüm, and law the judgements of God upon him t. ho the, of it is onely this, That as they who lived at that prefent when.Cod brought thofe evills upon him were affrighted; fo they that come. after (hall be aflonifhed at him. That is, the one was affrighted at the fight ofthole judgements, and others, (hall be aftonifhed at the report, and hearing of them. So our tranfiators expound abate words in the margine They that went beforehim, that is, they that livedwith him, (hall he affrighted. This fence is alfo expreffely given by Mr. Broughton; As they at prefent tookean horror. Againe, theft termes, They that went before him, and they that come afterhim, may referre not onely to time,but to degree. That is, thofe that went before him ine(tate, and honour; and theythat come after him in efface, and honour. As ifhe had laid, d.pufu it ei ma- high and low, rich and podre, his fuperiours and infcriours, one nr fop entes (g and other (hall be aftoni(hed, and affrighted at the terrible idr1pprior fall ofthis man when. firft and laic, high and low are añ ifted ptior fu z 9 át,tempere,loce, all are. firíita?e. T.bey