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Chap. 18. An Expefttion upon the Bookof JOB. Verf.2o. 125 They that come'aafter him flea!! be atonifhed. The Originall word which we render after.ied, fgnifres to admire greatly and filently. Silent admiration is alloni hment ; On +fir tac'ié it figuiftes<ifo to be wafted and made dcfolate. And fo firie ly ntrIgs admi that afi o:nifhment is meant, which - arifeth from the fight or rate flit, pr viewofplace: or perlons made or left defolate. In the 14.3 ' ta.kiref I'falme, ver, 4. David faith,( as we tranfi ite ) 1tMy heart within . me is de[dare : another tranflates My heart os itbin me is ama- zed. Thus here the defolation ofthe wicked fulI he fo great, that they who 'ware the report of it , or behold the ruines of the pace, where once he dwelt and f onr (hod, (hall (land amazed ; even as they who lived,to fee it acted upon him Were affrighted. 'WV 1111N The Hebrew is, They Cooke holdoffearre, or Horror `which Hopu e e*urç, is equivalent with this; Feare or Horrortooke hold ofthem, or Mont. feaLedupon them like an Armed man. Yet fome of Jewifh i)oc&orsthinkethat Rildad fpake thus induitrioufly ; ufing that phral ; They tooke hold of feare, rather then this ; Feare tooke -hold ofthem; to intimate, that when they law fuck judgements, they were even active to ftirre up feare in themfelves, or to o- verawe their hearts with feares left and ..,rne 'to the Lord, the famecalamities fhould all() befall them; accordingtò that, Zuk. 13.3. Exceptje repent, ye (hall all likewifeperifh !They then went before him were of (righted. e4t his day ; But, what day is this? This day, is his black day, the dayof his calamitie. It is free- suent in Scriptureto put the word day alöne, without any ad- dition, to node an eminent evil! day. The patience of God beares long with the wickedneffeof man, but it will not beare alwayes. ( Pfd. 37.13. ) The Lordlaughs at him . for he fees that /sir day it comming. While thewicked plots againft the juft, ho- ping to have the day againft him, and gtiafheth:upon himwith his teeth, as being vext and filled with envie that he hath a day forhimlelfe ; while he is thus bufie againft the man whomGod loves, God makes fport at him ; The Lord laughsat him, (and iîaith, as it were, let himplot, let him goe on,) becaufe he fees h Dedie rlvá.i.P de;ud.ciodon,i- ni revel:to in eon ob exüi.rn ej4t id eRiln di-.!. ft fignifCGtc t5rc c