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All thefetranllations yeeld a fer.ce futable to the Hope of M v thisScripture, yet I conceive, ours is more proper then anyof them all and is approved by many learned interpreters asthe belt. Yearenet aShamed t>makeyour{elvesftrange tome. As ifhe had faid,Ye are my,friends., and kindred,!have beenloftgacqttdinr tedwithjo^yet'noyryiijfandcjf, axdkeepe:je>A~diftance,‘.mif1.and ym. were grangers, -and had never knovsne or heard of cue:am\ ther rnrifl this day, or as ifymwere mstch-myfefpe.riorsra'ndfo ‘tvrere toomuchfondifi'/ntion inyett to.befamilidtiwith me. So the. . word isufed ( (jen.^'-.y.) .Jefephknewhis bretherenwhen they, •came to Egypt for breadbut hemadehimfe/fefirange,-hediflem- bled hisknowledge, or forced, himfelfe to a aefcience of them, he would, not be knowne that he knew them, he made, himfelfe, 1ftrange to them, asif he had been fome other man. fofephhad a-, bhhdance ofkindnesin hisheart toward his bretheren, and.therefore did ('with. State-Art) but feine a ftrangenes:feared his; friends fed no kindnefsat dll tntheir hearts towardshim,butwere as>rgaft in their ftrangenes as if theyhad beetiiVery (hangers; 'Yitdre-ntt dfh.amed:to\:makeyo0rfehiesftritngeio me* Obferve. lienee y-firft, -Itadds to thejinf,dlln^e-oft^etiidwedoe, net hajbarned .that we have-done it.'HHB H ■: 1 5 4 C h a p . r p . g x f o f i t i o n u p o n i h e A s o t d ^ o f J ‘ o a . V e r i . ^ Iri'eYomniaqua jtwerpretes in. baricijocefn af* ferutiti hoc-at* commodatijji- - mum put* iti i 3 J 6 - 1 3 n idemvaleant, jc. extraneum je gejferii. Merc... . Alios vst mihi exhibitss, Vatabl. v:'lt‘isyoodto'bhajhantedwbenwediaveAoneytvillfiaztns. is a good affed of a bad taufe • (hameisfhe fruit of finne: till there was fin in the world, there was no fhaniein the world ; and fin will make themafiiamed forever, who fin nowand are not afliamed. They who have not the' fliame of repentance,'(hall have the .ftiameof punifiimerjt. As the people ofGod have this promife, that they (hall never be afiiamed by the disappointment of their; hopes, fo they have this promife alfo,that they (hall be afiiamed repentingof theirfinnes. Andindeed toconfejfeor bewaylefin and. ■•not tobedfbamedbfitjk iiotrifentm.vbm impudence. It isone of ‘the greateft'defi'gffes of Satan atTprefent-tO'feperate fin and ftiame, totaake raerfat'once bouldknd wicked, And hee fdfajre prevailes 'with feme, that they are fo. farre from lookingupon fin as their fliame, that they count it a kindeof honour, and ss ‘the Apoitiegives the chdrafterof fbchferaten faces,'with teafes in hiseye^fThik4:**&i) Theygkty.iniheirflfams'i thatds,what .?m * 'a ' . id they