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Chap. 22. An Exp fin -n upon the Boob of to B. Vert 14. 133 b: fwe de is aced ) :e more woaderfuti ( or more exrat}) then that I /h alti he able to deceive it, Wemay impofe upon and deceive the moil' knowing man, but we cannot impose upon or &cerve God I conceiveour reading to be molt iutable both to the T:x' and context. Such krowledee, that i4, Such knowledge es thou haft ofine, of the ,tall and grey r,1ì thugs, even of all thir gs that I or any man loth, is too wonderful) for me. Fix though we may know Tome ac`Cons of men, yet we cannot know them all, and we can hardly weigh any of them to the utmott. And in this acknowledgment we may take notice of the Thelmilt m,,delty, who though he had the immediate aftìftance ofa pre - phetic..11 Sp rir,,et cor.fdffed, that he we, not only noz able to know God, but not to know hrm'elfe, his thoughts, word, and wayee, as God knew them. Such knowledge of my belle as thou O Loid haft of me, is too wander fullfirme, I cao not attaine Unto it. Some perhaps may query upon this, if tl e. Lord- knoweth all thewayes of men, and pondererh all their a& on,. is not this a trouble to God? is not this a difturbanceof his peace, and a di ftra6tion to him ? I anfwer ( as I faid before ) this is to frame a God like our felves, for tohim that is omnifcient, it is all one to know all, and to know but one thing . ie is ro more difraddion, no more trouble to God tö know ail that we doe fpeake, or thinke, ,then to know any thing. It two or three fpe ,ke to a man together,. he is not able to take in their fence, el e variety of th- it di i ou, to makes Ruch a hurry and trouble in his fpirits, that he Ioof- eth all that is fpoken But the applic.=tcion of thou ands err of Millions at the fame time in fpeaking_to tieeare of GA, is no more trouble, then i.' but one did fpeake ;, an infinite eire heartsall, and an infiniteeye fees all, without any the lealt di- ftrae`ion; the infinite knowledge of God takes in all th,e' aftions of all men, as eafily as tae Tingle adion. of any ode man. Again, Others may fa? Surely the Lord will not take fuchu exaet knowledge ofali the aft,ons of men, efpecially of nr'atr men, or Purely not of the meane actions of meanefi. men ; pnffihly of tome perfons in great place a. d of fame g'e r things done by thole perfons he may take notice, bat. to tloope to fmatl