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\Chap. 22. An Expoftion upon the Beek ofJ o B. Verf. t4. t 35 oraworme, as well as in making an Elephant or the vet Levia- than ; So alfò is his wifedome and providence feen in the ob;ér- ving andordering of thofebufinefres and motions of the creature, whichcompared toothers are but as a flyc toan Elephant, or but as a worme to Leviathan. There is nothing doth more detra& from the greatnes ofGod, then the denyall or dif beleefe of his cognifance ofand care about little thing,. And as it fhrwes the exaâeß perte&ion of holinef?e atraSnable by man in this life, when he taketh anaccount ofand reprooves himfelfe for the lean fins, whether they be omiffions of that good which he is coma manded to doe,or commiffionsofthat evil' which he is forbidden to doe. So it is an undenyable argument of the exa&ly andabfo- lutely perte&holineie, ';uftice,goodnes and faithfulneffe ofGod, that he taketh an account of, andwill certainly reward or punifh every man for the leaft good or evil) which he bath done. This is the glory ofhimwho walketh in the circuit of heaven, that he fees all to the center oftheearth. Eliphgz having thus dete&ed and reproved (as he thought) thole thoughts and after t'o`ns of lobwhich detra&ed fo much from God. as if he did not marke the wayes ofmen; proceeds toput thequeflion tohim,whether himfelfe had well markedthe tvayes ofwicked men.