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Chap. 22. An Expofítion ropen the BcokZof JOB. Verf 16. tors, nor tempt Cbrifi, nor murmur, &c. He (huts upall with the farnedottrine (ver. 11.) Ninv all thefe things happened unto them for Enfamples, aná are writtenfor cur admonition, /1 611 whom the Ends of the earthare come, therefore It him that ffandetb take heed leaf( hefall. The ApoftlePeter all (2 Pet. 2.) brings in; firm, - the InRance of the Angels that fell ; fecondíy, of the old world; thirdly, ofSodom and Gomorrah, whom God condemned with an overthrow, snaking them an entangle unto thole that after fhould live ungodly. The Scripture fpeaks of two forts ofEnfamples. F,irft, for imitation ; fecondly for caution ; the lapfed Angels, the old world, there Cities Sodom and Gomorrah, are all left as Enfampies for caution, that all after ages marking the old way oftheir firme and punifhment, might fear to fin and fuller as they havo done. Fourthly, From the manner of this Expreffion (which wicked menhave troden)taking the way con°jedively for the way bothof fin and puniflament; this troddeneffe of it notes the frequent pat. fage which many have made through it . They have not gone it once only but often. Hence obferve. eArs wicked menoftedoften, fo the Lordbathpunifhed often, as they bave madepaths in fin,foGod hash made patties in yudge.- ment. It is eafie to follow (inners (as it were) by the print and tr.& ofthofe evills which have overtaken them. But.I paffe it here,be- caufe Eliphazz, proceeds more direly todetcribe the punifiimenc' ofwicked men in the next words. IgI Verf. 16 Which were sut down out of tirmY.e, and wbofe feunda.: - tion was overfioune with a flood. At this verte the Original hath a very confpicuous note of >áiftinetion. The ?ewes are very exa`± in oblerving the letters and the verles ofevery booke in the Bible, and between chefe two verles is the middle of the -booke : there being eioL`t- i11Llïl ly the lame number of verles behinde as we have had b. fore in this whole booke of lob (taking the 16th verte Inemuuively ) So that now we are haife the booke over according to the number of. vertes. The whole containing 1 o¡o. The former