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142 Chap.,22. An Expofition upon the Book of JOB. 6f 6f former part hash had S 35.and as many remain for the latter part. This I touch onely by the way. Which werecut downy. tx,8p pleriq, Thewords.carry an allufion to the felling of trees; as if he vedaunt fuccifa had faid ; There men were likegreat Oakes and tall Cedars, but June; fed Ver: the Lord cut them downe, The word is Conceived more occurrit in aua properly fignif} ing to wrinkle, or tomake furrowes in the face; uignifatione Jr, fur this word is ufed but once more in all theBible and it is faon; titerir/od in the r 6th Chapter of this Book,ver. 8. and there we tranftate; tanta apud dac. xrrinel`les ;Thou haftfilledme with wrinc(les, which is a witnefe torer hebraorum id?;per meta againfi one. So Tome render it here ; Who were wrinkled out of the/in titercr4m time.. Now what are wrinckles ? they are the marker ofold age, averbo imp and they (hew that weakneffe is coming upon us, or that weare cnm enrm tan- in our declining Condition ; fo that it is a v:ryElegant P Ex ref 1bro Job, ra tnfì fay, They were wrinc led out of rime; that is,theywe old vertítur rogare afore they were old, before they were old according to the nature aut cor'ugare ofman, they were made old by the Judgements of God ; They aut rregas on looks as if they were worne, fpent,and eatenout by time,whereas , trahere. indeed they were fpent,eaten and worne out with the wrath and indignation ofGod which fell upon them.Thusthey were wrinck. led out of time, orbefore their time. They were cut down, andno time, as fome render : But it may finebe faid,as Solomon did (Eccl.3. t.) There is a timefor every thing; , 1e` p,ÿe,ve,on how then could they be cut down in no .ime ? There maybe a equal?) pie. twofold interpretation given ofthis Hebraifme. rentvitaannoi, First this, to Phew that they dyed a violent not a naturals fecundam corn- death; that eitherGod by his immediate Judgements did cut legeera natura them off, or that he gave them up to the Justice ofman whocut them offbefore their time. Man hath a fet time, an ordinary time ofdying (thedayes ofman are threefcore years and ten, this is the ordinary timeof dying) they that dyebefore, are in Scrip- ture fence. Cutdown out oftime, or not in time,that is, not in that time at which,men ufually dye according to the courfe and cu ftomeofnature. Secondly, when'ris faid, They were cut down without time, the meaningis theywere cut downe very fuddenly , as if it were done without any time at all ; God was fo farce from lingringor taking up long time to deltroy theft men that he cut