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BermOnirCkriQ Ìs'4 rß.`k. ef VedaT. Via. ']calm teNGd,tk f.r<f g l H $ e asrepoc e Jghx.sta nt f I u;p3 the pee., pfe at!; aeL for theeiinsACpeehtly for their great fitsot unbelelf,; Tlhat rite+,e F eï1cf26lbytk/word, anti tigiP »odowcrmnadenol:ao mentatian, ( Plat. 78. 64..) Which force expoundaccording to, the iecond fence girenof thefe words in Job,Their widdowes were jiai, e with them. U.hers, that they were fooverwhelmed with greite for the fall of their husbands, that they dyed themfelvcs prefcnrly, and Co could make no lamentation for them. Such was the care of Pbinehas hiswire, who heating :hat her husband was ilaine,and the Ark ofGod tak.n,travelled preeenrly, and having raid, The Ghry is departed from Ifrael, fhe her felfe departed, (s Sam... t 9, zo. ) Whether upon thefe, or any other grounds th ele widdowe's made no lamentation, the (cope of the í'1á1m is the fame, inciting that it is a Judgment ,either upon fuch per.ons in fpeciall, or upon the times in generali, when men dyr and la- mentaticn is not made tor them. Ufually in all places andtimos ( as Solomon fpeakes, Esc/. t Z, ç. ) When man goeth to hie long home, thewarner.; goe a bout theflreets. And 'he' efore ro dyeand none mourne, is to fall below the common condir¡on of man. We read fometimes that the Lord to (hew his di p'eafure, both again(3: the dead,and the living, bath by fpeciall order inrerdiéìed the living frommourning for the dead (]er, 16. g.) Tbasfaith the Lord, enter net into theknifeof moarmng,neither goe to lament, nor bercene them; for I have taken away trypeace from tilt people, faith the Lord, even loving kindneff a and merciti both thegreat and the finali mall dye in this /and, they(hall not be buried, neither 11;41 men lament fo ti em. Arid rágaine (Chap. 2 2. ro. ) Wtepe ye netfor the dead, neither bemoare him; &c. There is a prohibition spina weet ing'or the dead, beeaufe their farewas better than theirs,who lived tobe carried away captive«. A dtherefareitis added (v. t t.) Weepe for him thargeethaway (into captivity to Babilon ) for he II- retarre nomore, nor fee bit native Country. And at the 't 8'h veffe. T'bue faith the Lori concerning 7ehojakitse, the fonof 7ofiah King of fudab,they (hall not lament for bim,fay ng, ab mybrother, or ah (i(fer o they (hall notlamentfor him , laying, ab Land or ab bis glary. Suchwere the cxpre fions, fuch the language of