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chapa7. A Expo(tso >cpo t the Sook of . o Is, Vcrfi. i 6. IS s of forrow at the burial! of Great Frinces;cheir kindred teed then to groane our,Ahmy brotber,or ah my f fter;and their Subjects in Generall, ab Lord, or ab kw Glory or Magnificence, how is that ftayned i How is alt his pomp, all his iplen, or layd And obtcu- Ted in the oufi ? And whether we cake chofe words in that place they (ball not lament, as a command not to lament, or ( as t con- ceive they are to be taken) only as declaring the evenc,coat they lhould not ; they are of equal( drength as to the confirmation of the poynt inhand. I grant there is no reafon at all to lament the death of goodmen, in refpe& of chemfelves, for they gaine by it, (Phil, I.2 .)And henceour Lord Chrif },when being led away to be ciucified, agreat company ofpeopleand -of women followed him, which alfobewayled and lamented him; he turning to them Paid, Daughters of Peru falem, weepnot for me, boot wcepefor your felves, andfor your children, For behold, thedayes are corning, F;i which they (hallfay,6leffed are the barren,&c. But though good men dym ing doe not at all need the teares of the living, becauCe they are totted into greater good thanany they had while they lived, yet it is a great argument,boch of the goodnefs,ufefullneis, and holy- -hat at'thofe who dye while they lived, as alfo of the favour and refpett of God bimfelfe to them, when goingout ofthis world, they ar.e greatly lamented,and the mourners goe about the fireets while they are going to the grave. They deferve to be mofi lamen- ted who need it lcaft, And they have molt need to be lamented, who eleferve it lea ft. When widows (unleffe such as have lofì all tutu. Tall affe&ion)weepe nor, husbands dcfcrve not, _Hie widdows fball not weeps, Verf, z 6. Though heheape upfilver as the daft, and prepare ray. ment as theslay. Verf. i y. :He mayprepare it bolt thejug flap peat it on,and the innocent Palldivide thefilver. ob proce dsfurther to flirty the miferyof the wickedman in ehefe` two verfes. Though be heap upf;lver as the daft. Here are two wards that expreffe aboundanceof fiver in the pollef(iónofthe wicked'man. Firfi, It is heaped up. When Ch.ift would (hew what full re- X 2 turnes