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/56 C..,bap. g. 4 xp liar' *p the Book of Jo a. Ver twines charitable gifts (hall have ñ He raitb, Ott, aref it[hog be gaitera yam, goad rxesfwrt, preJrta 2e7rrx, JZ' 4en together, a»4 rxVe. terng ever lfrall noelsgive i. toy yewblow ( Luke 6. 38.) Thewax.. fired mans main. e is full of ís(rer 1 Though men donot give into his bofme, yet he will get is (if hecan) rather than not get ir, out of the b)well ofother men and he will never leavegetting and g ipieg, vexingand opprc î{tog, till he bath gotten a heap of lver. That he heaps up ¡sheer, is the firfi fignification of his a boundance. There is a fecond word yet more f,gnificanr, or which fignifies more, Though he heap up filver as the duff ; that is, though he heap up fo much, that 'cis as common and plentiful as the duff; with him and his, of which enough and too much, for the moli parr, is every where to be had. Theaboundance of riches inSa- lomans time is thus expreffed (6 Kinds to. 27.) Intl eke King madefleer to be in I erhfalemas AVM, andCedars madehe to be as the Sycamore trees that are in the valley, fr aboundance. And 7e. feph is said to gather Corn in Egypt in the feaven years of plen- ty, as theland of the Sea, ( Gen. 41. 49.) Noting the vail (lore which he gathered and laid up again(t the years offamine. Toga- the- Corn as.the fand, to make Silver as the (loner, to heap it up as dufl, are all high (trains of Rhetorick, implying the fame thing. The next words are fpoken in a like (train, and with a like intent. Andprepareraiment at the clay ; or as the word is read, as aheap. 77 frtue By ra menr he means all that furniture which terves either etert%un;a[igui Y 1 tegune in barely for the neceffity,or for the ornament of the body. As if be inetervum,J i_ had Laid, Though he bathPiles of a,parel, whole wardrobes fil- Lc' -r p orf. led with feveral forts of rayment, yet, as it follows in the next so1d° leafs. verfe ; But before I open that, I (hail a little confider the op- prefforsway and Rudy, the court*_ and fcope of his life, and ofall his aElions, which feem here to be fee forth under thefe high and firong Hyperbole's , Tbo4gb be heap aspfilver as the dsfi¡andpre- parerayment as theclay. î act note ; Firff, The wort andbufinefe ofaworldly man, is to gather ra- dbes Such.