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hap tín Expoftieen upon the Book of J o a . Vetf.a d. '57 Such astheir nature is, fuch are their motions and delignes, t feb.4.5.)Tbcy areof the world, and thereforef,cke theyofthe world ; and as their language isof the world, fo their labour is for theworld. Secondly, Note ; a littleof the worldwill netferve the worldlyman: tur oe,bc waft haveheap upon heap, if it be poffible till tt be heapedup a; the dull. yobs fuppofitionsmay be refolved into pofitions; They heap up wealth as duff or clay; or as the Prophet !faiab fpeakes, (Chap. 5.5.) They joynboufttohouf:, they lay field to field, till there be noplace, that they may beplaced alone in the midfl of the earth. They would have all to themfelves ; their Spirit is full of envy at the little which others have , and it isnever filled, how much foever themfelves have. A littledoth not pleafe, a compa® tency is fcarcity, they are infaciable, they would get more when they have got mo!1, and they wouldbe richer when they are at riche +. It is not finfull to have aboundance, but to covet after a- bundance, and to projta aboundance, that is finiull. The P-ophet H.abbakar;.fpeakes of fucn ( Chap. 2. 6.) Sball not all theft take up a Parable agninfl him, and ataintingpovcrbt againfl him, and fay, woet , him twat increafeth that which u not hit t bow long ? and to him that laydetb himfelfa with thick clay,that is, with the things of this world. The covetous a e defcribed labiuring,and thatto theve-y fire,to loada themfelves with thick clay. And the nearer luosr7nasrt they cerne to their journeys end ,the more would they load their- ßot vincopdo [elves with it , ^he leffe way remaines for them to goe, the more'r,rrunt vino- provifion theymake. Thisdifeafe of heaping up riches, increafeth ce, Cie. de mot+ when men are neared death ; they are never focraving lot Sire& _ theworld, as when they are going out of the world; & hen they have no appearance of need, they have the t+rongell workings of delire. They would be gettingaboundance, even when treyare dying, though(as Chritl bath a4Tared us ( Luke a 2.1 5.) The life ofmandotb not canfill in the aboonelanc, of that whichbe poffeletb. How fad is it that man fhould live in the put-tilt of that wherein his life doth not at all confift ?As all our care cannot adde one cubic to our liatur.,no ,( of it felfe ) onedull tothedull heap of cur riches ;Co hone many heapes (never ofthis dull we have hea- red