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Chap. 27. din Expofstlos opt the Rook of Verf,t pcdup,they cannot adde one moment of time nor minute ofcon- tent to our lives. And as the helpers of liver and apparrel can. not keepe the rich mans tife,fo the rich man feldome keeps them while be lives. For Thosoghbeheap apflyer as the drift, and preen pars rayment as the clay, yet ( as it follotves ) Vecf, 17. $emay prepare it, but the¡alt (<-all put it en,and the inn.cent Thad divide theElver. in this verle fob fheweth us how the wicked man is difappoin.. zed;hc is not contented withwhat hehuh, and he [hall be difap. poynted of what he hach ; bemar prepare the flyer and the ray- meat, with an opinion that they shall be his for ever. As the ach Iran in the Gofpel faid, Soul take thine cafe, eat, drink andbe merry, for thou haft goods laid apjor manyyeares. He mayprepareit,& if job had faid,I grant he mayprofper fo far as toget great heaps of Glver,but he thall not long enjoy what he bath gouen;or thus,lethim colic and vexhimfelíe in preparing it as much as he will;So M'. Broaghton cranflates,ryci may be pre. pare it. God will tuffer Mtn co do ir. And to 'cis of like fence with that of the Prophet, ( i . ç. ) whereas Edomfaith, áße are impoveri(hed, bat wewill retter.eand build thedeflateplaces . Thai faith the Lord of Hofls ; they ;hall build , bate Iwill throw down, and they (hall call them the border of iviclredr,ef;, and the peo- ple againff whom the Lord bath indignation for ever. The wicked roan taich, I will heap up fiiver, and prepare raymenr, I, doe ( faith God) prepare it, and fpare not,bot the fait (hall put it01, andthe innocent fhall divide thefilver, Hence Obiervc; Phil, 7be fnfail cares and erdeavtitrs ofa worldly man may have muchfacile. Whether the finfullneffe of his cares and endeavour=doe arife either from the inordinacy of chem,or, from the unrighteouftíctre Of thetn,he may provea great getter,a °rear gainer in this w dd. Thus'tis Paid ( Hof, a a.7,8.) He is a Merchant, the ballaneesof deceit are in bis band,be loveth toopp effe ; And Ephraim faidhet! ate become rich, Ihave found me out fnbftarce ,. As if he had thus laid, and pleated hirnfelfe in Paying fo ; though 1 have oppreffed others,yct I have profpeted,though I have been unjuli, yet I have been