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VPO t 84 of J e 3e Verf.s7. a s9 hon l'keefsfull, He li deedcar:yeti it elefely ie ;Il his labours, Limy could flail giant 4 iquity inhint yet it wAsthc game ofini. vain bywhich he f(4 orated, fly, Oh eive 744.10.00 of the oaxc!s and lafDart of worldly men, dock rrracdtt thete4 tv'en,ad by therm. 1:Te may prepare it,, let not to; anygood to him ; no,it i'hall be for another ufe, or rather for anothers we than he appoynred ire What, or whole is that ? The next wo ds anf«er, The jufl (hall pet it on What (hall the fall pat on ? The rayment which the wickedman bath preparednhe jufi shall havethe benefir,ufe,an4 comfo:t of ghat he hash prepared, And the innocent !hall divide thefiver. The former verle fpake of the filver fitti, and of the ray= rent tali ; this verle fpeakes ofthe rayment fir(i, and of the fil- ver tali. When two things are mentioned in Scripture, it fs dud in the repetition of them to begin with the la(f, and foproceed to the firfi. 7he juft !Earl pot it on, &c.. The Scripture fpeaksonly agaìnft the unjuli man ; and here the rich man fiands in oppofi- tionto the juil ; the guff thall put on his rayment, and the inno- cent (hall divide the filver. That man (hall poffeffe his trea(ure, for whom he never intended it. 7he innocent !hall divide thefth ver. But (hall they invade the manse(iate,and pullaway his goods becaute he is a pricked man ? no,but the providence of God (hall give them a right to it. Wemay not without juts caufe given,take away the rayment,or divide the haver of the wickedeti man in the world;we mull not take ir,becaufe he came unworthily by it, or is unworthyof it. We mutt not divide any mans, the worli mane taste, till we can make out a good title to it. Secondly , when it is laid, The innocent !hall divide thejilver, ffe are to underhand it not only of a divifion among themfelves but to and among the poore, they (hall lay it ont better than he laid it up. Thus Solomon concludes of fuch a man Pro, 28, 8.) /le that by after, and tenjuf# gaine increafethbis fug tanee, be ¡bail gather itfor him that willpity the pore ; that is, his (jiver (hall come into fuch a mans hand and power, as will divide it to chofe who have molt need .So(Eccl. 2, z,6®) godgiveeb to a man that is good in his figkt, wi!dome and knowledg andjoy r But to the limner hegivetb tease to gather: and to heap: tops that bemaygive to him tbor3