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Chap. 27. An Expoftion npon the Book of Jo D. Verf., t 7. a 61 of other mens hunting and catching. But force are indulIrious'M enough, they hunt, yet cannot Bate what they have got by hunt- ing, but another Bates it: The Lord doth make a diftribution of their elates and portions to fuch as they dreamt not of, and leaft intended them to.As the Lorddivides the Powers of the world, and puts them out of one hand into another, (mfal. 75. 6,7. ) Promotion cometh neither from the Eafl,nor from the wej?,nor from the South, but God is the Judg,he bath put down one,and fetteth up another. And againe (Job 34.41.) He/hall breakinpeaces migh- ty men without number, and fet others in their flead. Nov as God diipofeth of the Powers of the world, and breakes them as he pleafeth ; fo he breaks the riches of men,and diipofeth them into hat hands he pleafeth. Thus 'cis Paid in the conclufion of the pa 'able (tkfath.a1.41.) Hewill let out his Vineyard to other huf. bandmen. Which is true, as of that great trial of the Gape!, fo cf any particular cruft ; they that have had the vineyard,fhall not alsrayes have it ; if they are wicked , Godwill let is out toothers; the juft (hall put on the rayment, and the innocent (hall divide the filver. Thirdly, This Scripture doth not only fay, I-fe mayprepare it, and others, ingeneral,rnay divide the (ilver,but we have a fpeciall character of the perlons that (hall divide ir, they are the Inno- cent. Hence ()Verve; The labours ofthe wicked(hall be to thegoodof the righteous; The fweat of the unjuft (hall be fweet to the jul}, and their travel (hall be his benefit ( Pro. t 3.22. ) Agood man leaveth an inheritance to his children, children: and the wealth of thefinncr is laid raptor the jufl. The tanner do:h not lay up his wealth with a purpofe that the jull (hail have it; but the providence of God over-rules his purpofes, and in the iffue the finners wealth be- comes the portion of the full. This text of Solomon, as alto chofe toucht before in the opening of the texr, are a cleare Comment Patrimoniur, apon,and an expofition of this in lob, The Innocent (hall divide roßum retort; the filver ; the flyer of di(honef} men (hall come into honeft rum perdirur mens hands at laf1, and they (hall make a betterdill ibution and ananum erosa- improvement of it, than ever the lir11 owners or heapers of it up rum. Greg. had a heart to doe. They who having jufily gotten, duelydi- c; 9 113oral. Y vide