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162 Chap.27. An Expofstion upon the Book of j o B. Vetf. t 7' vide their elates, (ball hold them,but theywho get them unjuul- ly, or hold them bafely, (hall have others to (hare and divide them. l-le that gets honefily, yet kcepes covetoufly, endangers his wealth to the divifion of flrangers.Solomon fpeakes this ex- preffely ( Pro, i t 24.. ) fcattereth ( he doth not mean it of aprodigal fcattering upon our lulls, but of a prudent fcatteriñg to good and pious ufes ; .a man Wray give fo much to thefe that it maybePaid he fcatrereth) and yet increafeth ;.a d. there it that witbboldethmore than it meet, bat it tendeth topoverty, that is, ittendethto his own poverty,and may poflibly, be a re liefe to thepoverty of others. Now I fay, ifhe that keepes cove- toufly, what he hach got honefily, endangersit to a divifion a- mongflrangers,how much more he that keepes covetoufly,.what he huhgotten difhonefily ? the carnal! man in gathering_the ri- ches of is but like the beafl, he bath the leaflof it hiim- felfe,_he workes for others;He is like the Affe or Camel that car- ries a great burthen of excellent things, of preciousJewels &rich commodities,yet never (shares of them, but is put off with a little hay or provinder. So in this cafe, while covetous worldlymen burthen and tire themfelves out in gathering and heaping up the things, of this world, the heft of them, the fweet of them is en- joyedby fuck as they fufpe eked not,much liefe wiLlhed (hould en. joy them. God provides hcires for them, and puts their wealth,.,, into hands that will make better ufe of it than ever themfelves would. `Mid it the portion of awicked jean ; the portion which be hashpreparsi,nc'tber he nor his (hall inberit:7be jr:fi (hall put-on his rayment, and the innocent (halldividehia felver, JOB.,