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Chap.27. An Expofitton upon the Book of J o B. Vert, t 8. 165 -L.- Hence Note ; - -_. Ifwicked men doe not quickly waft _their ownhoofer, jet they are in danger to be quickly thraff out of them. They have no mort affurance of holding their hou fes, than a moth bath to dwell long in a garment. The wicked mans houle is of (bort continuance ; God candemolifh the firongefl Clones and timbet as loon as we can ma a moth. when thou ( faith David Pi. 39.I r )with rebukes doe($ cbaf?enman for inigeity,thoa rnakefi his beauty to confume away likea moth. The beauty of the mind, gifts,and comforts; the beauty of the body,healch and firength;'he beauty of thehoule and (lace, riches and honour, confume at the rebukes ofGod ; and they confume as the moth,they are caf} out of their dwelling es the moth,and theyare cru((ht out of their life as the moth. AB men ( as Eliphaz told fob, Chap r 9. ) dwell in hoofer of clay,wbofe foundation is on the dul ,and they are crufbed before (that is, as eafily and Ipeedilyas) the moth. But as fin bath brought the weaknefleof a moth, and of a moths houle, up- on all mens lives , perlons, and eflates, fo much more upon the wicked,who live in fin,and both live and love to fin. He bailderlo his houle as the moth. -' There is yet another rendring and read*, of chele word", which I (ball hut touch and paffe on. Xie fhalt build his houle as cyfraurtes. The fame word fignifeth both a Moth (which is one of the imeanefi creatures on earth ) and Ar&tdsrus,whioh is one of the mo[i remarkable (iarrs (or confìellatioòsrather, that is, knots or combinationsof farrs) inheaven ; and fo the word is rendred in the 9th Chapter of this book, it the 9th verte. And then the meaning and fence of the word is this ; He ( the wicked min) (hall build a goodly houle, as it were aheavenly Pallace or Pa- radife; as if (as it laid the proudAflyrian faid in his heart, ¡fa. t4. c3.) hehad exalted hie throne above theMarresofGod; as if (as it is laid of Edam, Obad. 4.) hehad exalted bimfelfar the Eagle, andfer bis neg among the fiarrs. The futn of all is this; He fhallbuild a beaurifull houfe,like the houlesof heaven; A firong houle like the houles ofheaven ;. a large houle, like the houles of heaven; a houlequite out of Gunrlhot,and the reach of danger