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t 66 Chap.27. An Expofation capon the Book, of J o s. Ve[f.I'é. danger from man, as the houfes of heaven are. And yet this ftrong, large, fafe houle and Bate of his, (hall foon decay, rot, fall, and in the iffue, be but as a common Cottage,or as it fol- loweth in the text, : the booth that the keeper maketb. We have here another companion or lively imageofthe fhort 1J uuabra. and fading felicity of wicked men. For a booth is either made rulum raberna- onl of green boughs and branches of trees let and wrought toge- tulum ex iron-they tokeepe et ramis off the extreme heat of the Sun ; or it is a lic- arborum non tle flight houle of boards fuddenlyand rudely clapt together in diudurens. fomeOrchard,Garden, or open field,where fruitor Caudate in úernac danger to be fpoyled and taken away,in which the keeper fhelters fpcciaand (hrouds himfelfe from wind and weather, till the fruit bega- fumitur pro re thered, or the Cartel removed, and then thebooth is removed momentaneo. too, and taken down, or if left ftanding, it is not long ere it falls ,pan& and drops down. When the Prophet would (hew the defolate conditionof Zion, He faith (ff4. 1. 8.) The daughter ofSion is left as a Cottage in a vineyard (when the grapes are gathered) or as a lodge in a gardenofCucumbers, when the fruit is taken our. And againe( Ifa.24.20. ) Theearth ( that is, the glory and moil etlablilhed profperity of the inhabitants of the earth ) fhall reale to and fro like a drunkard, and(hall be removed like aCottage, or a Shepheards or Souldiers tent.Thus Hez.ekab bemoaned himfelf in his fickneffe,as he thought, with a dying long, (Ifa. 38. 12. ) Mane age is departed and is removedfromme as a Shepherds tent. Once more. The Prophet Jeremiah lamenting the miferies of 3e_ rufalem,expref(eth it in this language( Lam, z. 6. ) Hehathvio- lently taken away bie Tabernacle, as ifit wereofa Garden, that'is, as a booth or forty hovel in agarden, which the keeper fecteth up to repofe and (ha,de himfelfe in from the heat of the day and the coldof the night, while he watcheth the fruits thereof. All tents or booths are movable, but the Gardeners, theShepherds,and the Souldiers oft of all. Thus lob derides the molt magnificent and. ftately firuetures, the firongefi and molt fortified towers of the wicked mans worldly greatneffeand pomp, calling them or com- paring them to booths, tents, and Country Cottages, madeup, not of Cedar.beames and Marble-pillars, but patch and clapt up with hurdles,fticks,and dirt.And in thsfecontemptible termes the Lord