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Chap.27. An Expofitíon upon the Book of J o a. Vcrf.19, 167. Lord fpeakes, (as it is Paid of proud Tire, the Crowning City, rebeleMerchants were Princes, wholetrafîckers were the honow. cable of the Earth, 15.23.8,9. Thus I fay he fpeaks ) toflaine the prideofall (finful) glory, and to bring into contempt all the ( wic- Idly) honourable of the earth. Thee build their houfe's as a moth, and as a booth that thekeepermaketb. This tranuitory and fafhion- changing ante of the wicked man ( both as to his pof[cf?ïons and his perfon ) is further profecuted in the verle following. Verf. 19. The rich man 'hall lye down, but hefhall not degathe_. red ; he openeth bisees,and he is not. There are three interpretationsof chis verfe,which though they have much variety confidered apart, yet no contrariety to the fcope of that poynt which job had in hand, yea they all center in his purpofc, to (hew the fudden changesand calamities which fall upon the wicked. The richman fhatl lye down, The word which we render to lye down, is applyed, firft,ta'ant, cubait note, living, fetling, and inhabiting in a place ( Levit. X6.6.) I precubuit . ¡ ( faith the Lord)will givepeace in the Land, and ye god lye down, ru,t. and nonefhall m»fie you afraid ; that is,ye (hall live peaceably and quietly . in the Land. Secondly, It is applyed to lying down to fleepe (Gen. 19. 4. ) But before they lay down,tbemen of the Ci- ty,even the men of Sodom, compared the houferound,&c. Thirdly, to a lying down nck or difealed. Thus Daviddefcribes'his'ma- licious enemies pleating themfelvs in the incurablenef: of hisfick- nefs, ( Wain; x.1.8. ) An evill dlfeaf, fay they, cleavetb fall unto' him, and now that be lyeth ( sick abed, or as we fay, upon his Fick bed ) he /hall rife up no mores that is, he (hall never- reca -'. vet his health againc. Fourthly, it is applyed to a lying down in death(2 Sam.7.a z.)When thy ¿ayesbefulfilled (faith the Lord to David,byhis Prophet Natban)and thou)halt flcepe (or lye down, it is this word) with tby fathers, I will fet up thyfeed after thee that is,wvhen thou dyeft I will bring thy children to the throne. Dives eubad Here in this place, the rich mans lying down is expounded; ram nih1F dzae Firff , Of lying down tofleepe. And then the whole verfe ÎJtervsrfü oft is rendredin a futable fence thus; Where the rich man lyetb down uba ocutosfives it is not takenaway, whenho openeth his eyes it is not, M ithe had o,er;t, nïha 4 y adefi. an, laid,