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Cbap.z7. An Expofrtion upon the Book of Jon, Verf.z. Cher handsupon him, but he tooke moil notice of the hand of God, as bath been chewed at the ar. verfe of the firff Chapter, and elfe-where in this Book. Faith feeth him who is invifible, vexing as well as comforting; And 'cis comfort to Saints,not only to remember God in their afietions, but to remember that it is God whoafflias them. Sixthly Note; "6/1godly man bathgood thoughts of God,whiiebe afcribes bis pe- nall mills or fuffertngs unto God. jobknew and acknowledged that God was not onely good in himfeife,but good tohim while he vexed his foul;while God af- fliets us and makes us poore, or fick, while he firips us naked of riches, children, friendsand relations, yet we fhould fay ( as Da.. vid, (Rai. .7 3. T. ) 'Truly Clod is good to ¡frail, even to all them that are upright en°beart. While the Lord vexeth our fouls, our foules fhould magnifie theLord.While theLo dmakes our fouls bitter, our fouls fhould f?vetten the dealings of God. While the Lord troubles us we fhould not be difpleafed, yea we fhould be well-pleafed with theLord. God dothhis people no hurt, much letfe doth he intend them hurt whenhe makes them (mart; There- fore it is their dutie,evenwhen they fmarc,to make the fairefl re- ports of him to all that come about them.God is fuch a fountaine as fends forth both bitter waters & fwcet,as to our prefent fence, but all the waters which he fends forth are fweete as to our future benefit ; therefore though fenfefay of fome of them theyare bit- ter,yet let faith fayof all of them theyare fweet, Seventhly, Obferve; saintsarétions are oftenverydeepe affiiaions. They goe downe to the very foul.Not only were ofepbs feete hurt in the (locks, but the iron entred into his foule, as the old tran- flation bath it ( Pfal. ro5. r 8. ) or, as we put in the Margin,his foule came into iron ; that is, he was afflicted, or (as job here fpeaks ) vexed to his foule. As the word of God (Heb. 4. 2. ) pierced` to the dividing,fo the rod ofGod canpeirce to the grie- ving and painingof foule and fpirit, of the joynts and marrow. Thus Job deciphers God in his dealing with him; As God livetb, who bath takenaway my fudgment,and the almightywhobath vex- E a ed 27