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....-..----_ _ : :. . . . P7.''° Esrpagitiión, tepon tha Bnòl o j o s. Verf. 4á 3 3 My lips/hall not fpeake wic.ednsf(fe, TheHebrew is, ifmy lips ¡hallfpeake,that is, my lips thall not fpeake. Thewords have theforce,though not the forme,of an im- precation ; ifmy lips fhall-fpeake wickednefs,let this or that evil faljuponme,let my owne tongue fall upon me ( a David faith ) The tongues ofthe wicked (hallfallupon themfelves (Pial. 64.8.) let men account me aayar,and let Godgive me to tate the fruit of my owne lips. My lipsMallnot fp`áke wickednefe. What wickedneffe is itwhich Job thus difciaimes ?Someunder- hand itof fin in general; others more particula;'vr, of that fpeci- all wickedaefswhich Satan hoped :o thruî ";..n y on, by heaping afllidtions upon him, the fpeaking eviî Fr ur b aipheming the nameofGod. As if he hadLaid ; Though my apiWions and trou- blesfhould becontinuedall the days: ofmy life, yea though I ffiould havemore bitterpotionsgiven me todrink, than I have had to drink to thisday, yet Iwill not fpeake wickedly, Iwill not blafpbeme god (asiSatan promifed himfelfe,lavorold(Chap. 2. S, )putforthdine bandnow, and touchbis bonsanethis flefh, and be will curfe thee to thy face )!will not surfe, nor fpeake unbecomingly ofbit dealings withme the wadi of evil!, Pa not makeme have an ill: thought, nor fpeake an ifwordof God ; However it farreswith me, d willac- knowledg not only that GodisÍuf}ìbut thathe isgood, as inbim(elfe, fe to me, to ati if me .gilt DV" calamities and- farrows can- notfeparatt ate from the love of Godtome, nor g4all they ( through bittRrace ) feparatemefrom thatdutywhich lowetohim. God loves useflail, though beings me to trouble, and Iwillhonour god' (till', notwitbflandingallmy"troubles ' Thus jobtakes it upon hire, chat all the"dayesof his life,he will not fpeake wickednefs,thoughGod (houldconcinu0 to dealwithhim in outward things, as he ufually dothwith the wicked. Tnis is aholy andanheroicke refolution indeed, a refolution well becoming that integrity which Job had profelfed towards God, and which God had given teffimony of concerning Job d yet, Secondly , I rather underhand=it of wickedne!fe refle&ing up- on himfelfe in his prefect cafe, or thebufinefl that was- in quef}i- of},-dwillnot [pokewickedneffe,`that f-1, I will not fay ó, grant ei- ther 7ucata jut ju: randaformulase Hcbreis feni. liorem,qua int precationemfo. lent emitters conditions tan- runtpolea, Merc,