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44 Chap. 27. An, gxpoftiox pon tbt Book of Jo s. Verf. g. prefled intheHebrew, as itis (i Cbron. t i. t 9.) He faid,G, forbid it, that Ifhould do Ibis thing. J fay, in other places, where nothing is expreffed in the Hebrewbut an Interjeetìon, 1 con- ceive it were fifer to render the word only thus ; Farre be it, as here, Farre be it fromme, that I fhosddjufhtie mod not,God for- bid, &c. The word,God, being not in this and manyother texts, whereour Tranflarers render Godforbid; for the frequencyof this phrafe, may embolden forne to take the name of God in vain, which as it ought to be ufedonly in ferious nutters, fo with the greacett not only ferioufnefs, but holinefs. And when we trantlate fob fpeaking thus, God forbid that I pad juf'ife you he prayeo that God would keep it uponhis heart for ever, not to doe or never tohaveany thing to do with a thing fo repugnant both to hisduty andconfcience ; as if he had. Paid, I (herald defilemyfelf,ifI fhateldpleife yea, yea, I thorn con demn my felt, ifI fhouldjoftifie you in this, and fo betray my own innocency to your ungrounded mks and opinion of me. Some ex Exeotnaeunice pound Tobyet higher, as implying himfclf worthy to be excom- aioJemìhffive municated and chruft out of the companyofall that were godly excommuniter. as a heathen and ro hane erfon in cafe he fhould render u frmgstanquom p p p. : p Ethnics: & himfclf to theirjudgment of him, or juffifie them in their con prophanus. demnatory fentencenaffed upon kim. Thus highly he relents it, Bold, and turneth from it withdeepeft indignation,God forbid, &c. Hence Note ; a gracious heart loth not only deny to doevil, butbath anab® borrencc againfi the doingofevil'. M corrupt nature is not only backward and unwilling todoe go®d, but hath anenmity againft it, fo Grace dothnot only they us from, but flirreth up an holy enmity againfa every uncicane thing. The fpirit of a godlyman rifeth, and his flomack turnctk: at the fight of fin. As they who are molt cmptyed of fin by (,o fpel-repentance, complain mofa that they are full ofit. And as theywho have leaf# fin in them, are moft burdened with the fin that remains in them, fo likewif, they molt 'abominate both the committing of any fin,and every fin committed,whether by them- felves or others. The Apofile reckcns this among the effeóts of true repentance (2 Cor. i i.) In that ye furrowed after agodly fin,behold what carefnlne fs .is wrought in you, what clearing ofyour felves,