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Chip.27. An Expofiton neon the Book of fo B. Verf.5. 45 fillies, yea, what indignation ; that is; indignation again(} your (elves, even for faylings and weakncffes,much more for any thing done byyou, or amongyou, which may be called wickednefs, or a provocation. Thus David chargeth folly upon his own foul, (Pf4/. 73.2 z. ) So foolifh was 1and ignorant, Iwat at ahaft be- fore thee. When he reflected upon his finful envy at the profpe- rity of the wicked, he rebuked himfelf, as a fool , as abeafl, at an ignoramus, as one that knew nothing ache providential dif- penfattons of God. And thus job ( being convinced ofhis over- boldnefs with God, upon the clear difcoveries of his holinefs and foveraignty) abhorred himfeif, repenting induff andallies (Chap. 42. 6.) He that abhorra himfelf for what he bath done, cannot but abhorre what he bathdone, as much as he abhorreth himfelf for doing it. As a godly man repenting abhorreth the evil which ( being overpowered by a temptation) be bath done ; fo, when he is in a compofed frame, he abhorreth to do that evil to which he is tempted. David faith (Pfal. 119. z o4.) Mite e- very falfe way ; I hate notonly the way, when I have been ruffled into it, but I hate to go in it ; and he profeffeth at the 16 3 .verte of that Pfalme, I bate and abhor lying, but thy law do I love. Toabflain from and forbear lying, is a fgne of a gracious heart, much more to hate and abhor it. A godly man not onlydoth thatwhich is good,buthe delights to do ir, his foul cleaves to it ; he is in his element when he is doing ir, nothing comes more fui (ably co him, than the bufnefs of his duty, he loveth to doit, yea he loveth it when he cannot do it ( Rom. 7. 22.) Paul Qom - plaited much that his;corruptions clogged,hindered,and (hackled him, he was in lime- twigs , as to the doing ofgood, yet ( faith he )1 delight in the Law ofGod after the inward man ; that is, the inward man delightfullymoves after the law of God, when I am bafely movedby my corrupt heart, and ftirred by temptation a- gaint} it. Now (I fay) as a godly man not only choofeth to doe theholy will of God, but delights and rejoyceth to do it, and kath fweet content in doingit fo likewife . agodly man not only refufeth to do the will of the flefh, or to follow the courfe of the world,but hates to do ir, and is never fodifcontentedwith him- felf,as when through carelefnefs and neglef of his watch he bath been overtaken and done it. A carnal man may forbear the do- ing of evil, and do what is materially good, but he never ab- horres