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52 Chap.27t An Expofition upen the Booh,jof J o s. Verf. s; loft him not only the Icings favour, but his head coo. Courtiers doenot ufe to befreeof fuch favours, cfpecially to pooreCap fives, who have no mentes to oblige them ; yet Daniel put it to a venture ; purpofing in his heart to abflaine from all unclean whether mettes o: drinkes,what ere came on't. Anus the God- ly are or fhould be alwayes refolved not to doe any cvill, though theydye for ir,fo they refolve fometimes todoe thisor thatgood, though they dye for it ; they will run all hazzards rather than for- beare aknowne prefent duty in its feafon. That magnanimous woman,Hefier,faid,lf 1peri(h Iperifh,it is myduty,at fucha time as this, I fee it is myduty, I am refolved, Iwillgot in to the King which it not according to the Law, and if Iperifh Iperifh,( Hell.4. 16. ) When Paul law it was aduty togoe to Perufalem, he was relolute againft all fuggeflions of dangers, But none oftheft things move me, neither account I my life dtare to my felfe, that Imight finifhmy courfewith joy ( Acts. 2o. 24. ) As if Paul had faid( at a great manonce did) It is neceffary forme to goe, but it is not neceffary for me to live ; and therefore goe I will though I dye for ir. And as hewas fixed againfiall the dangers which the ene- my at jerufalem threatnedhimwith , fo againfl all thofe diffwa- fives with which his friends endeavoured to take him offfrom the purpofe of his intended journey ro Jerufalem ( A&s 2i. z. z, z 22 z 3, 14. ) When Agabus a Prophet had taken Paul: girdle and bound his alone hands and feet, Paying, thus faith the Holy Ghofb, fopall the].MI at 3erufalem bind the man that owneth thisgirdle ; TheDilciples hearing thee things,added their exhortation to Hs prxdi&ion, andbefought himnot togoe up toYerufalem; Then Paul' anfwered, what meantye toweepe and to breake mine heart?for I am ready not onely to be bound but to dyeat Jerufalem for the nameof the Lord efus. True courage delights in the ayre of that danger where duty dwels, and will neither be beaten off from doing an incumbent duty, nor beatenon todoe any thing againfi a dutyby the reports or appearances of the greateft perill. To be thus re- folved is an beroick, andnoble refolution indeed. As a wicked man will fin, fo a godly man faith he will not fin, though he dye. He choofeth the worfi of affli&ions rather than iniquity. Secondly , we may take thefe words, till 1 dye, in a milder fence ; though it was in the 'reel of Yob todye rather than todo this, yet 1 will not doe this till 1 dye, may here carry in it nomore than chisi 1 will not doeit as long as X livt. Hence