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chap.27. An Expofiton opon the Book of Jon. Verf.5. 53 ' HenceObferve ; Agodly man ss everlaflingly refolved, andlet againfffan. In this cafe he makes no temporary promifes, he cloth not pur- pofe to forbeare fin for a time. much leite till be batha tic time, but for ever. Some will not fin for a time, and they forbeare one- ly till they have a fit time to fin. All the reafon why Tome doeno evil is becaufe they cannot, or becaufe they have not anopportu- nity todoe it. Falix Paid to Paul,Goe thy way for this time, when I have aconvenient feafon I will fend for thee; fo fay they of their fin, at a convenient time I will doe it. There is neither timenor fea- fon allowed or appoynted byGod for fin, and therefore we muff not give our felves allowance for it at any time or feafon. We fhould (as was (hewedbefore ) rather choofe todye than to fin, bow muchmore fhould we refolve, not to fin till we dye. Tilll dye, I will not remove my integrity fromme. The word lignifies to ycild or give back, to remove, or caufe Toti 1!ií7 a to-give back; Thus faith Job, I will not yeeld upmy integrity,or, `11U Cep, re- 7 will not caufe my integrity togive back. The word which we edit, in hiphil render integrity, fignifieth afro perfe&ion, and fimplicity, that is, removere, re- a religious, plain, honeft and fimple difpofition, without guile or ccderefoeit, Gdtl'1 Integer, wickednefs, or ( as we fay) without welt or guard. In the breafl- ix,fe ntpen tno plateof Aaron, there was the Vr;m,and the Thummim, which lac- et eorpore, ter is this word ; Job had the true Thummim inhis Brea(}, andhe would not remove it. Hence Note; A godly man is a man of integrity. He bath 'Vim and Thummim, as well as the High-Nett had, he hathhis light of truth or his fire of zeale, and he bath his per- fe&ion, or integrity, both in hisbrea(+,and upon his breaft. Thefe are feated as heavenly principles inhis heart, and they are held forth in the course and prahices of his life, as a light (laining from heaven. Note,Secondly; Integrity is, in at felfe, a thingofgreat price`. We can eafily part with or remove thofe things which are not of