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Chap.27. An Explican 'span the Book of J o a. Verf.5. 55 hold it faR, and will not let it goe. Whatfoever it is, whether good or bad, which we will not remove, nor Puffer ( if we can helpe it) to be removed from us , that'sour Jewell, that's high- prized, and much efteemed by us. Our integrity is, our all, next Chrift, and Chritl is nothing to thofe who have no integrity. It is faid of a Woman ,'That having loft her modefly, fhe bath nothing more to tofe. And it is molt true both of man and woman ; They have nothing more to lofe than their integrity ; How highly fhòuldwe prize that without which all that we have betides is of nopriceft all ? Fifthly, Obferve ; A godly man fhould dos nothing in prejudice to bit integrity. Not to remove integrity,is leffe thannot to throw away inte- grity, it is to doe nothing that may Raine, or lay the leaR blott upon it. They who are fulleff of integrity, are often blotted by others ; the dirt of hypocrifie is throwne in theiffaces,while their hearts areupright with God, and their wayes towards men. How common is it to obje& that which doth not appear,when nothing appeares to object. Thus others remove the integrity of the molt upright. But how fad is it for an upright man to doe that which may Raine his owne integrity, and render him not only fufpe&ed but blotted. That which was fobs great care fhould be ours, not tomove in any thing which may remove our integrity. God up- boldetb his people in their integrity ( Pfal. 41. a 2.) HowReddtfy then fhould his people hold their integrity. Let integrity andup- rightnefs preferveme,was Davids prayer ( Pfal. 25.2t. ) O let us preferve our integrity and uprightnefs ; What (hall we preferve, if not our prefervers! Sixbly, Note; He that admits of any falfe accufation or wrong judgment a- Laingbimfelf, removes orRaines bis owns Integrity. Wemull Rand our ground, and be Riffe for our felves againil all mif-judgings. It is good tobe zealoufly affe&ed alwayes in a good matter , whether it refpe&s the glory of God immediately and alone, or whether it refpeet the credit of our brethren,or our owne. To delre to be famous in the world, and (as thole Giants in the old world, ( Gen. 6. 4. )men of renewer, or (as the origi- nal