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SS Chap. 30. An Expofition upon the Bocke of Jo a. Veda r." Vorhrt hoc bg body. The body bath its cords, ligaments, and bands ; the nerves n :at aliquart- or finewes fatten, tie, ard hold the feveral members of the body do cooporto colh ga cenca. q. d. together : Taking this fence of the word, Tubs meaning may be composer?? [oti- given°out, as if he had fayd, By my exareame paines andficknef fes, na corporis'nei, God loatheven j'hatteredme .in pieces, as ifall my bones and flaws o,'v t hoc ¡ant were broken, and when thefe brutes feeme in this torture andwo- 'dolore. Apnd full plight, they initead of pityingme deride me, they let .loofe the bridle upon me. 'Tis true the tortures and preffures upon robs body were exceedinggreat; he was even torne asunderand unjoynred, like a man that's racks; And it is as true, that bodily weakneffe layes good men open to the contempt ofwicked men. But I doenot judge this proper to ?obs (cope and purpofe here. Secondly, Others, by hï, cord, understand the abilities, and powers of his minde , the strength of his pares todirest as alto his courage to execute the duties ofhis place ; thefe are as a cord whereby Magistrates fatten all men to them, in refpec5t and reve- rence. So that oftheProphet is expounded (Ifa. 45. t .) ?bus faith the Lord to his anoynred, to Cyrus, mhofe right bond Ihave holden (ortrengthned) tofubdue nations before him : and ¡will hole the loynes ofKings to open before him the two. leaved gates, and thegates (hall not be that. The loynes of Kings are looted, when their fpirit and courage fayle, when their wi;dome and un- dertlanding fayle, fo that they either know not what to doe, or darenot attempt the doing ofwhat they know. Now, when the loynes ofa man are fayrd tobe looted, it notes that he is greatly diftreffed &pained.(Ifa.zr.3.)1herefore are my bytes jibed with Paine, pangs have taken holdupon me, as the pangs f a woman that travaileth: as bowed downe at thehearing ofit, I was di,'"mayed at thefeeingi7it. So (Dan. 5. 6.) Then the Kings countenance was changed, and his thoughts troubled him, fo that the joynts (girdles, bindings, or knots, as the Chaldee bath it) ofhis leynes were loofa, andhis knees [mote one againfi another. Thu, tb is fuppofed tocomplaine here, that God had looted the coard of his strength, both in refped ofhis body by tore paines,and ofhis minde by dreadful! terrors , which gave many occafìon to let thenafelves look in reviling and reproaching him, Thirdly Sayothers, This cord was his outward profperout e- ffare, bis riches, andworldlyfubfonce. Thefe indeed are a mans ,ard, they tie up and keep him and his family and friends toge- ther,