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ion. Chap. 3o. An Expoftion upon the Bocke of Jo a. Verf.xz. retei's curling tongue, that he addes, who (hall then (ay, Wherefore hall thoudone fo ? (z Sam. 16. i o ) As if he had fayd in lobs language, God bath looted my cord, and this man loofeth the bridle of his tongue upon me and therefore who (bah fay, why halt thou done fo ? not but that Shimei finned in that he did fo, yea and de- ferved tody for it, as afterwards he did by theco'mtnand of Solo- mon, and Davids advice given him upon his death-bed. But at that prefent he would have nothing either done or Paid to him, left be fhould feeme(though he was deeply fencibleof what Shi- anti bad done) impatient under Gods hand, leaving him to the foray of his own malice in doing it. Before I paffe from this Text, I (hall only mention the tran- flation ofthe Septuagint and vulgar latine, who render it thus; Filrretra.n e- For he pathopenedhit quiver againfl me, and & ffl Fled me, andpast rifrn °ú,ajP a bridle into nay mouth. As if ( according to the fence of this vet- , ' all vie ,724, on lion) lob had laid ; God bath Ihot his arrows thick up me, and j. ¡ou ie in o, me- made me,as it were;bie But or mark to be continually ay rued aror au %'t vn'g: if[were forme fierce and unruly horfe, he loath put a bric:'le into ray mouth to curbe and keepe me quiet: Bot this is r Cher an addition rgx>, Vic. to, then a tranfl ition ofthe Scripture. And though God did o- S`pt. pep his quiver upon rob, and put a bridle into his mouth, yet that truth is quite betides , not only the letter but the fcope of this place. Vert, 12. Vpen my right hand rife theyouth, they path bway' my feete, and they raife up againfl me the Mayes of their deftruílion. In this verle, and the three that follow, lob defcribes more particularly how he was ufed ; God having loofcd his cord, and Men having let look the bridle before him. First 4t my right hand rife up the youth. Why, faith he, at My right hand ? There may be a threefold fignification of this riling at the right hand. Fall The right hand lignifies luperiority of place : to be on the righchand of aman, is to be on his upper hand. WhenBath - f eba Solemans mother came into his pretence, he called for a chaire and let herat his right hand (a Kings 2. 19 ) Andat the great day of Judgement, when all mankind (hall stand before God, The fbeepe are fayd to itsnd at his right hand, and the goats