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Chap. 3o, An Expofition upen the Book,e of o B. Vert. i2. 1o5 .goats at his left, ( Math. 25. 33. ) So that ( according to this t¡fe locution:; fenceof the word) when the youth rote up at lobs right hand, ufu pro dams it is as much as co fay, they took the upper band of him, or they qn p e ót magno tooke the wall of him, as ifthey had been his betters. To fee a lenlamu, ; pro ouch take thewall or upper hand ofan old man, efpecially of a finiffro vero id man in Authority, how uncivil!, how unfeemly is it ! how great quo Greg. i Z. an affront is it ! Moral. ca. z o Secondly The right hand fignifies ftrength ; They rife up at Ad dexrram my right band , or (as others render) againfl my right hand, quòd in ea pia- that is , where I have my ftrength and power ; they oppofe me, crpuè robar 't even in that little that is left, Thus to rife at the right hand, ¡Qt ener- vareffuduerinr. is torife as an enemy to invade. And hence one of the curies mere, pronounced in that Prophetical! Pfalme ( 109. tí.) againe 7u- das is, Let Satan and at his right hand. We read of Satan in saran Rabat a the fame pofture Zach. 3, z. ) And he ¡hewed me 7ofhua the camr12,,m .c. high Priefl;ftanding before the Angel ofthe Lord,and Satanfland- capans, qui non ing at hisright hand to refill him. At his right hand, that is, his (alum accufato. weapon hand aswet as his working hand. Satan was at hand as ¡ia: é rúed e- an accufer, and he wasat the right hand as anoppofer. de accufatocet. Thirdly , To rifeat the right hand, may be takenonly to note tifjìmam vitio4 theneerneffe ofthole perlons to fob, in place, when they did a- riam prafume- bufe him ; They did it at his very elbow (aswe fay ) or (as the bat relaturum Text faith) at his right hand. So theScripture fpeaks (Pfal. I t o, Bold: 5.) The Lord at thy right band (that is, the Lord who is very neere thee, or prefent with thee )Jbanfirike through Kings in the dayof bit wrath. (P151,121. 5.) The Lord it thy keeper : the Lord le thy Jhade upon thy right hand ; That is, the Lord will be very nigh in a time of trouble to doe thee good, and keepe thee from evill. When 7.4 faith, At my right band rife up the youth. We may underfand it in any ofthefe fences : they Cooke the place of me ; even youths behaved themfelves infolently, as if they had been my mates or peeres, yea my mailers and fuperiours, and not only fo, but they oppofed me as enemies, and came updole to affront me. Thus at my right hand rote p the youth. There is a twofold riling up ; firft, a riling up in refped and reverence, and fo it wel becomes youth, yea the agedwhen their betters are inpretence, to rife up. ( 7ob 29.8.) The young men fawme and bid themfelves : and the agedarofe andfloodup. Secondly, There is a riftngup in contempt and rebellion, P and