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ío6 CÀap.3oì An Expofition upon the Book of Jo a. Verf.t.2; Vetbit furgendi and that is commonly called a riftng. To rife notes a fuddaine infuhia denotat unexpe&ed affault or attempt ; fuch was this doubtleffc -upon aliquando et ho- fob - He once little eg a &ed Inchufage from youths, ern impernm, a p g } who was guohoiis exitn an aw upon the Aged. provir8 è [ate- upon my right hand rife the youth. brir erumpitur. Bo!d. Thenowne is in the fingular number, yet joyned with a verb. super dextram of the plural], to note that every one ofor all the youth did it ; pa vtsltot ìnfur p Loft. i.c. qu:[t- The word lignifies alfo a bloffome, becaufe youth is the blot- bet parvuhts. foming-time ofmans life , and fo among theHebrews the young. Mont. Sons of the Priefts were called, The blrfoms of the Pries ; and Nomen eft numey f u r hnce Mr. Broughton tranfates,fpringu and another wanton gutarir,ru'n gua youths ; and a third, little boyes ; Laftly, others make it a corn- jung;tur verba pound, of twonownes, theone figntfying a ft.rwer,and the other name ilJuralir, a thiftle ; by which theywould underftand light vaine men, who, ad fgn`fr` " "n,...ti mnr fin- are like the flower ofa thïftle , or like thiftledowns. VVe render colic /im gutorum.. Pifr. cltarely, Vpon myright hand rifeup theyouth. í417j v9lAn! efe Homan compolt They pulh away my fetes. NM a t1`ß S& Thus he defcribes the carriageof thofe ruder youths ; they rife . i11-} er d fibs fpina, u what todoe ? was it for reverence ? No, They pufh away my uern pa imeltgët hami- fette; we may confider there words, either literally, and proper- ner levelercon- ly, and fo we can hardlyconceive, that the youths came diredly temptibi`er yui (aswe fay) to tripup hie heeles, or, to cat't him downe ; that aimzlanturlio rt were too grofl:e an interpretation. But es before fpitting in his fprna. In verbir cloth- face, was expounded , not formally, but for the greateft con - rum Hebraoril tempt : fo here the pufhing away ofhis Mete, implyes extreame flidopxryuanfur incivility, or any kinde of ill. behaviour of the younger fort to- ruin:,t1`L wards him, there's no need to take it properly. pi;che cob"anala, wind rap í e a g ain fl me the wayes oftheir de f rutlion. ?ores facerdo- LBold afeiv a Thefeare militarywords, alluding to the befiegingof a Ca- do[efce "ter. Bez. ítle, or City ; the word lignifies a way railed up, or a mount at- Yueríparvu[i. tificially cart up and formed, upon which a battery is made a- DeuI: gainft any ftrong hold. In this fence the word is ufed in that. ex- Videntur /me poftulatory chiding meffa e which the Lord lent to Pharoah by dici per fynech- his fervant Moles,(Exod. 7.) f dohen fpccieri 9 I Asyet exalte thou thy hel e b perbolicam,ad aping my people, that there wilt not let them gee to ferve use ? jgnti icandum That is, dolt thou yet rafle up or putobftrut`kions in the way of extremum fut. rny.