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Chap. 30. An expojition upon the Book of )o 3. Vert. 12. 107 my people to hinder them from going out of Egypt ?And 7o6 contempturn. ufeth a like forme of fpeaking (Chap. 19. 12.) in allufion to P'ic a liege, (hewing how hardly he was dealt with. Hie trooper come e a D together, and raife up their way againfi me, and incampe round a- elevo. Meta - bout my tabernacle. 00 '4 a re ca. uirenfi. Munire They raife upagainfl me the »ayes or worked of their deflru- vet fternerevi. flion. am dicimus , podfit aggef(a That is, they deale as if they intended to deltroyme , fo it is terra vollapi. rendred by a learned trat flater, They raife up againft medeftro,- dibus. Nom adhucim- ing wages. Mr. Broughton reads thus ; They toffupon me the can- pedimenta pones fedoftheir woe ; That is, thee fay all their miferies were brought pop!o meo, ne upon them by mymeones and fo they take their fill of re- liceat ipji egre- venge uponme. Thegenerall fence of the verfe is as if he had di. Rivet. in fayd ; They tryed their utmrft to «iä andvex me ; which he ex- I0c pre(%th under thefe metaphorical termes, of pufhing away his `eJmJ©nexi(ia- feete, and railing up againft k,im the»ayes oftheir deftsruilion. Dici(, exitij FromThe confederation ofthe perlons here fpokenof by 74, lui, pod ei theyouth, even little ones,or children did not forbeare to do this, ftruebant,perde- (he complained at the 19th Chapter,in the fame ftreine (v. r8. 1e cu pleen- Tea young children defpifed me , I arofe and they fpakc againft -¡,x vapor, me aphoricè me. autetr áxhtpm Note. calamita,. They that are fo young that they aregoodfor little, yet are rea- Druf. dienough to doe much evil!. Youth who (hould rifeup in reverence, are apt to rife up in rebellion, (z Kings 2:23. ) we readeof little children that came out to rnocke the Prophet, they had nomind,poffibïy,n o under- ftanding to hearken to or reverence inftruáion from the Pro- phet, yet they could deride him. (Pfal. 58.3.) The wicked are eftranged from the 'wombe, they goe aflra¡ its foone as they be borne, fpeaking lies. Howearly doe men fin I how late doe they repent I as foone as they are borne they got ::{tray, but if let: to themfelves they will not returne till they dye, they will never re- turne. Children can neither goe nor fpeake es foone as borne, but asfoone ar borne they can goe affray and jJ eake lies s That is, their firit fpeaking is lying, and their firft going is ftraying ; yea when they cannot goe naturally, they can goe affraymo- P z rally