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!7 Él 1o8. Chap. 3o. An Expolitian upon the Books of Jos. Vert. 12. rally or metaphorically ; the fir& fiep theyare able to take, is a Nondum ambu- ftep out ofthe way. Auflin fayd of little children, in reference ¡ant fed jam to the univerfall bondage of mankinde bynature ; They cannot f rguit. ito, goe,yet they arefetter'd, They areas much in the chains of fin,. as in their fwadlingcloathes. Nature needs no Schoole nor Tatar to Iearneevil' and doea:niffe. As iii weeds grow apace , fo they need no culture, no care to make them grow, they growalone; It was noted before that the word in the original! for a childe, fignifieth ableffome;They that are but blotomesthemfelves, beare . and bringforth muchf:nfullfruit. Secondly , Note ; Asdifreîpett isgrievousfromany,fomoll from thole that Jhould be moft refpettfull. Youth, ifany, fhould reverence grave men. A young man rakes it ill to be ill tiled by an aged man, what is it then for an aged man, to be abufed byyouths or children /, Lafily , Obferve.- Evill men are very apt to inftelt over and opprefe thofe that are under the preffeire ofoutward mills. This bath been elle-where noted, and therefore, it may fuf. fice to mention it here. Theproverbe is, when the Oakeis downe every one coves and gatherswood. When a good man is upon the ground, every wretch takes pleafure to trample upon him. But twijer eft re, remember, an apt-led perfan ie a faered thing, and fhould not facra, therefore be touched with prophane and filthy hands:, takeheed Inrniferofaci.'e oftouching chafe with fcorne , whom God bath touchedwith peccatum , jed forrow. Iris nor Co eafie as it is fnfull to vex thofe whom God. ,r a&no malo, bath wounded. Man never fins with a high ,a hand againft man, then in perfecuting thole who are layd low ; And ,ftill the lower the perfon is, the higher is the fin of his perfecuters. As God is exalted mott in his mercy by remembring us for good in our low date, fo the malice of man is in its greateft exaltation when he adds to their evils who are in a low eftate. They were thevileft . men onearth, yea viler then the earth, who rofe up againft yob . in his low eftate. Toconclude this verfe ; It may be enquired, and that not un.. net ffarily, nor unprofitably ; What opportunity this vile peo pie