Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v9

Chap. 3o. An Expoftion upon tke Eooke ofj a. Verf. tz. pie could have to offer fuch affronts to ?ob, or to put him to fo much !offering in this time ofhis [offerings ? I . anfwer; First , Some thinke that lob doth in all this only prophecy.. of the fufferings of Chrift, and the Church, in and from the world. Secondly , Others conceive that lob fpake all this, only to Phew that he was brought into fuch a calamitous condition, by the handof God, open to all theea fore-mentioned well abufes from the hands and tongues ofmen. But though ?obi fufferings, as here expref td may very well typifie thofeofChrift and the Church, and were Inch as might put himupon thefeare of fuch reproaches and aboIes, though he had never felt them ; yet I doubt not but `lob fpeakes hiftorically in this place, not prophetically, and what he indeed experienced. in that cafe, as done to him , not meerely what in that cafe he . might have expected tobe done. For though in that briefe nar- rative of the loffe ofhis eftate and children, as alto of his bodily fores, which is made in the two firfi Chapters of this booke, be- fore his friends addreffe to and confesencewith him, there be no mention of thefe rude fpeakings and a&ingsofthe vulgar againft him ; yet there might be time enough for all there aftliclions to fall upon him , either before the difpute began , or in the intervalls of it ( for we cannot conceive it done at once ) or in both. And while we allay (as bath been done) fome of the harfher expreffions, with a mildneffe of inrepretation , we need not feare to fay, that lob who was tobe tryed (as a patterne or exemplar ofpatience.) tothe utmoft, endured all thefe tryalis. 109, JOB 3e..