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iÍ t5 Il rro Chap. 30. An Expofttion upon the Book of Jt a. Verf. r3; J O B 3o. Verf. 13, 4. They marre mypath, they fet forwardmy Calamity, they have no helper. Theycame upon me as a wide breaking in ofwaters : in thedefolation they rolled themfelves uponmee. Jo B Rill profecutes the fame poynt and fube9, notonly the uncivil), but the crueli carriage of tholevile wretches towards him. Vert. r 3. They marremy path. s The word is only ufed in this place all the Bible over : Apath it marr'd when'tis broken and made unfit to walke or goe in, when,a path becomes Impaffable, then 'cis mart'd. Thu marre trey path. 0711 rupit di¡- What path ? The word liignifiesa firaight path ; ftraight I rPp't deflruxir. meane, as ftraight is oppofed to broad, not a ftraight is oppofed Hoc loco tantum tocrooked, though bothmay be taken in here 74, holy and D:abetur. upright rob, did not walke in the broad path, nor didhe walke in crooked patties. They marre my path. What then was his path ? There is a threefoldunderftanding of this. Firft Some conceive he meanes the path or way bywhich he hoped toefcape and get out of there troubles. As ifhe had fayd, They have obtruE tdandflop; upall the tvayes of my¿dive- rance as much as in them tyeth. Some flick much upon this Expo- fition : I cannot get out of my trouble,out of this fore afli&ion, becaule there men havecut offall fuccours, and(hut up all out. Impedimento gates from this fad condition ; They are as a barre in my way, miter font, quo hindring theattainment of what I fo muchdelire and looke for. 9 Jó pióuar ACity that is befieged by Enemies lying round about it, and en- Vatabl: campingagainft it may yet for a while have tome way, fogne meanes left for reliefe to enter ; but if thewatchful) Enemy once flop