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Chap. 30. rQn Bxpofti6n span the Book of J b B. Verf, 13. III ftopup all avennues, & fhut them in perfet`.tly,their cafe is defpe- rate. Thus yob fpeoks (according to this expofition) as aman be- fieged,when he faith,They marre my yath,As if he had layd,l am foray diffrefed, all imaginable wayes,either of deliverancefrommy troubles, or ofcomfort in them,are hiddenfrom me; I am entangled with fo many evilly, that I cannot extricate my felfe. And this is moregrievous to me then all my fufferings, that Ihave no remedy for mypilfering!. There is a truth in this fence ; yet I conceive 7°b is not upon it here, and we know, that, (as to appearances) be had given up all thoughts of his reftoring to a prefent worldly profperity long before, and feetned toexpect no endof the troubles of his life, but by the endingof his life. Therefore furely be 'is not now compkkining,tha the path to hisformer ea;o} ments was fpoyl'd, and made not only.aefficult but impaffable ; nor that the doore of fuch hopes was Phut and lockt againft him. And indeed lob was iò farre from feeding, or nourifhing the hopes of a returne to foci` a condition, as his f iends hadoft,n promifed him in cafe of his repentance , thzt the ntmoft of his delireswas but for a lit- tle breathingbefore heyeelded up hisbreath (Chap. i o. 20,21, ) Are not my dayes few ? cea;'e then. and let me alone that Imay take comfort a little, before Igoe whence Ilball net returns, even to the . landofdarknes and fbad.ewof death. Therefore Secondly, His path, and the marring ofit, is ratherto be un- derftood ofthat holyCourfe of life which hehad both taken and run in obedience to at purfüance ofthe commandements ofGod. Semitam dich The whole procef e and progreffe of his ;vorkes and undereak vita rationem, ings,in a faithful! difcharge ofail incumbent duties both towards d i hipie er God and towards man, was the pathwhich his enemies marr'd ; coniarbarum. yea his*purpofe and intendment for the time to come, as well as Druf. bis praaife for the timepart, was the path white', ' . e ritarr'd. t?mnes proceffue As if he had fayd, My= enemies oppofe me in all that good which °perum rneo- I have done or would doe. They marre that moral! and fpirituall, um. Pquin. y P , uicgpid zet- that honeft and righteous path which I have trodden, and intend lem guicquid fill! to tread. tararan, dig. But it maybe queftion'd, how did They marre it ? parunr. Pintd.; I anfwer; Firft, By (peaking evil! of the good which he had done; they cart dirt upon his wayes,the dirt ofodious and feite- full calumniations. His was aclean path, a holy and a ',aft path, as