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à 3? Chap. 30. An E.rp,fition upon the Book: of J o s. Verf.4, hindmef# ofthee, even all that were feeble behindthee , when then waji faint and weary, and he feared-not god. We fee here the kindneffe and charity of an Amalekite, when he leech any that beare the name ofGod, feeble and faint and weary, be in Readof meeting .. them with bread and water to c"bmfort them meets them with fword and fpeare to kill them: in their weaknes. And thus Shimei rolled himfelfe in the defolation uponDavid ; who fleeing upon the rebellion of Ab/halom from 7ertsfalem, cama forth( zSaw. 16. 5,6..) What to doe ? -was it to affift him in that calamity.? No, faith the Text, became forth and curledfrill as.he came (every ftephe tooke, he tooke up acurie againfi Da- vid)and be callflows at him, and at all hisfervantt ; And thus faidShimei when he curled, come oat come out thou bloody man, thou man ofBelial, the Lord bath returned upon thee all theblood ofthe bottle ofSaul, &c. thou art taken in thymilcbiefe; becaufe thouart a bloody man. With what doubled rage and malicious rhetoricke did this wicked man vent his fpleene upon his owne Soveraigne, when he found him furprized with that fore afffidi. on. How highdoth malice rife, when Innocence is layd low David might wel fay of this wretch as lob in the Text, In the defolation he rolledbimfelfe upon me. Andthere..havenot been a fewwho have had toomuch caufe to fay as much. Ad.mear mire All thefe hints of interpretationmeet andcenter in one poynt, iar drvotsti That ?.bt enemies, or ill willers, let themfelves againft him with font. vtVg: alltheir.mightranddedicated all their wit and ftrength to ferve i e.Toralerer ad Satans double defigne; Fire, tomake him as miferable as they hoe intenderxnt, could in his fufferings, and fecondly, tomake all the world be. urmemlferun i eÁActerr ieve(if theycould) that he had been unrighteous in his at` rt, ings; Or_atleaft, they hoped miferable, that he thould,even be forced to let goehis former righteoufnes or incco, grity, and breakingout intoblafphemy, curie God and dy. And that he was put hard to it to keepehis foule from this wore im. patience, will further appeare by what he faith of himfelfe in "she,. ne t v fe., JOB 3c