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Chap. 30, .4n Expafrtion typon the Bock of J ò B. Ver(.. i 5. 15 i morning cloud, and a.; the earlydew it paffeth away. To which we tray adde that ofthe fame Prophet, ( Hof. 6.4. ) O Ephraim_ what ¡hall 1 doe unto thee ? O7udah, what(hall 1 doe unto thee ? foryour goodneffe W as amorrd g acted, and as the early dew lego- etb away As our goodneffe in reference to God, fo the good- neffe ofGod to us tometimes poffeth away like a cloud. And to comeexpound that Text, not of their goodneffe towards God, but of the goodneffe of God towards them. It is altogether impolible, that either the goodnes of God it his nature, or the goodnes of his actions thould paffeaway ; He is good for ever, and whatfoever he loth isgood ; He can no more ceafe to be or to doe good, then he can ceafe to be Gad ; yet the fencible goodneffe of God in temporal! things often paffeth away, and the fweerneffe of his goodneffe in fpiritualls may fometimes paffe away fo farre, that we can make out nothing ofit to our felves, nor fee the good of any promife that belongs to us. And then indeed, our,welfareit paffed away as a cloud. 7eb having thusgiven us a defcriptionofthe terrours and trote. bles which fell upon his (pink, proceeds to Phew their fad of c t both upon bi4 inward, andoutward man. JOB 3e.