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I 5Z Chap. 30. An Expof:tion upon the Booke of1*o s. Verf.1ó° J `O B 30. Verf. 16, 17. And nowmyfoule is powred out uponme; the dayes of affliction have taken hold upon me. My bones arepierced in the night feafon : and my mews take no ref. IN the former verte ?obopened the troubles of his mind, ter: rors purfued or perfecuted hisfoule, foie principal one : in this 6'h, as alto in the 17th and 18th vertes, we have adefcription ofthe pairies and languifhments ofhis body, together with their effeds upon his fpirit; and at the JO verte we have the refult of all s in which as in a glaffe we may fee in what plight and pickle qob was,or to what he was reduced by all there fufferinge, He bath raft me into the mire, and I am become like daft and afhes. Verf. 16. And now myfeule ispowredout upn mee. Andnow ; that is, things being come to this paffe or to this estreamity, the watersof trouble being fwell'd andgrowne thus high, Nowmy feule ispowred out upon me. At the i 5th verte he fayd, Terreurs profited my f ule as the wind here he faith, my jale ispowred out upon mee. This powring out of his foule upon him, was not only a confequent, but an effect of that terrible pur. fuite which was madeafter his foule. lathe Original, there are two different words ufed in their two places both which wee , in our tranflation, renderjoule. lobufed a very peculiar word in the former verte , to expreffe his foule by , calling it in ftridnes of reading, bis chiefe or principal one ; but in this verte he ufeth a word of a more large and Common fignification to the fame purpofe, which therefore in Scripture is rendredunder various notions. ta3 Firtt, Sometimes no more is intended by it then the breath of a man ; which is an effectt of life ; Mans breath (that is, his is in bis nefrils ; He that bath breath inhis noftrils, lives, ,and to have our breath in our noftrils, notes the frailtie of our ylives. Secondly,