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Chap. 3o. 4n Expefition upon the Booke of Jo B. Verf, 16. 153 Secondly The word imports not only breath, but life, which is the fpring of breath. God faith ( ?obz. 6. ) Behold be is in thine hand , But (pare his life, or breath, ( we render it foule. ) David praying for deliverance from his Enemy, ufeth this argu- ment, ( Pfal. 7. 2. ) Lea11 he teare my foule like a Lion, renting it inpieces, while there is none to deliver. It is not in the power of all the Lions or tyrants, in the world to touch theSoule of man ; when they have kill thebody,they have no more to doe ; but when he faith,leaff they tear myfoule,rhe meaning is,left they take awaymy life ; As if he had fayd , They Peek to defiroy me, they thirf}.aftermy blood, I feenothing else willquench their bloody thirfi, Therefore OLorddeliver me. So'ds laidof Rachel in tra- vel! with child (Gen. 35. 18.) It came to pafe as her foule was departing, ( for theedyed ) that is as her lite was departing, or as fhe was dying, that Jke called his nameBenoni. Thirdly , Theword notesany creature endued with a fenfi- rive life. In which general! fence Mofes gives it ( Gen, i. a4.) + OZ) And godfaid, let the earth °bring forth the living creature (or kzernatn vi- foule ) after his kind, cartel andcreeping thing, &c. v:n;een. Fnurrhly 'Tis put for the whole man, conflictingof foule and body ( Gen. 1 z. 5.) And AbramYoke Sarah his wife , and Let his Brothers foci, andallthe fubflance that they hadgathered, and thefouler that they had gotten in Charan, and they went forth, &c. Fifthly, It Sometimes f gnifies a Carkaffe, Or a dead body, a body from which the foule is departed ( Levit. 19.28.) Ye Anilnot make any cutting inyourfefh for the dead, or for a foule. íVe:_finde the word againe in that fence ( .Numb. 5.2.) Cosa- rand the children of'frail' that they put out of the Campe every leper, and every one that bath an iffèee, andwhofcever is defiled by thedead. So( Hag. z. 13,) Ifene that is uncleane by a deadbo- dy touch any of there, &c. It may ,feeme very ftrange that the fame word.fhould fignifie life and t dead body, yet it loth, for this rçatón ,(fay, förne) thatwe might remember that life and feD Ichromón¢!i fo leBelong to thedear bpdyes ofmen, or that even a deadbo ., v; 415 fhail.k,raifeddagaing.bythe power of God to life, and re-, 1 ;od:4. marred (after that long;feparaaon) to the foulel in themorn ing of the refurreetion. Si,xthly TI},ia wordimports appetite, defire, will, tuft, which t X are