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154- Cisap.3o. An Expofition upon the Book of Jo a. Verf.16. are ads ofthe foule. ( 'P/al. 27. I 2, ) Deliver mee not over unto Its 171;1- the will ( or luft ) of mine enemies. The word is, Deliver mee not Si conopos ever to the fouie of mine enemies; that is, deliver mee not over to ma, Mont. fuch a fouie as bath onely will and Intl, without reafon to dired Si cloriiiiiw 4ni- ,. either its refolutions or aftiorm by. Solomon applytth it alfo to sr/oat/in-0 ru- that inferiour faculty, fenfuall appetite, ( Pew. 23. 2. ) When ;iditatefit. thus fit4 to rare nith a ruler, confider diligently what i bPe Fagn' thee, andpat a knife to thy throat,if thou be amangiven to appetite, if thou be a man that ha.f7 a Rule that is a foule made upof or Mafter'd by appetite, The FL brew aridly taken is thus rentired, If thou art a Mailer of the joule or appetite. And the text would run wel in that plaine luxe, as if So/omen had fayd, If thou art a Matter of,or cand rule and command,thy fertile or appetite, then Chew it by thy moderation in eating, or by checking thyappetite when thou fitted at the rulers Table. But we render it, and fo doe moil of the learned trarflaters, as a phrafe fignifyinga man very apt to belVtitter'd by his appetite. In which fence the word is rendred againe ( Pro. 22. 24.) Make no friendlhip with an angry man ; the Hebrew is with a Ilafaflir of anger, we render it according to the fcope and exigence of the place, with an angry mace, that is, with a man who is apt tobe Mafter'd and overcome with anger, or ( as we commonlyexpi effe it ) with a man who bath no command of his paffions, Thus in the Scripture firti al- ledged, the text nec ffirates that meaning of the phrafe which our Sr anflation holds out, if thou art a man given to (mule or) appetite ; As if Solomon had fayd, If thou had an appetite which thou canft not we il rule, thou hadft need looke well to it at all times, but then epecially when thou Fitt:eft with the ruler. Ru- lers have full TaT)les,and many when they areat them, in ftead of putting a knife to their throates by R bffincnce,put aknife ro their throates by their intemperance, and fo while they fill their bel- lyes, deftroy their lives, and cut their own throates. When men are famifht with want of food, we ufually fay, their throares are cut without a knife ; and fo are theirs who over-feed themfelire5. But to retwrne to the poynt for which this paffage in the Pro. verbes wa4initane'd in; Namely,to(hew that the word by which ?ob expreffeth his foule, fignifieth among other things, meere will,luft or appetite. When ?ob faith, My foule is poured out upon mee, we may take the word foule two IN3yeE, Fira,