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Ido ¡Chap._30. An Expoftion upon the Book! áf Jo a. Verf.16. to repent in fackcloath and afhes. Fatting dayes , are felfeaf Jliftìng dayes, or as Afofes calls them (Levit. 16.29. ) Soule- afflStingdayes. Now(I fay ) As God appoints us dayes where- in to effi:ft our feives ; fo God eppoynts dayes, wherein he will raic`k us. All the dayes of our lives are mealirred or fet out unto us, and they are of two forts; Firft, J4)714tio« dayes; Secondly, Confolaticndayes ; as:was (hewed before. Sorrow and joy rake up and divide all our dayes between them. The life ofman is a kind ofChicgner werke, there's whire and black, andmore black then white, that's our prefent !late. 1aci,b laid ofthe dal es ofhis life, They were few, and they were evil!, ( Gen. 47..p.) As his dayes were not many confidered in themlelves,and few comparedwith force ofhis ancestors, fo they were evil! with refpeá to his mani- fold afiiìftions; and he gave the denomination of his few dayes by evil!, becaufe the molt or major part ofhis dayes were in that fence evil!. Andusually the tr oubies of our life are tnoft , they are more and greater then our Comforts, they outnumber and out. weigh them as to outwards. The Saints indeed have inward Joy in their outward forrowes and tribulations, but their tribu. lotions and forrowes eppeare more, or are more vifibie then their joyes. Secondly , In that he calls themdayes ofafí3.iftion, Obferve ; Affliftions may Continue long, or a great while, not only for a day, but for dayes. Though that be a truth (Pfal. 3 0.3. ) Sor'rew endures for a night, '.vt ?oy cémeth in the morning; The Lord often makes such fuddainechanges , yet we arenot tounderhand it ftri&ly, rls:tf- thiswere the meaning, that theywho have forrow in the even- ing, (hall at the next breakof day have Joy, or that as foóne as the day rewrnes, their comforts (hall retorne too.But themean- ing is this; after forrow they (hall haveJoy, as sure as the morn- ; ing fotlowes the night: 'A righreóus mans troubles, tryëlfeand forrowes mayabide many naturall dayes. abd nights with hini3 be may ftad (as lob did Chap. 7.: 3. ) hr"snfeife,movie to;pojefje, moneths ofvanitie, andnot only a night ofwearineffe, but(,as he there fpeaken) wearifome nights appointed to him. The scope and meaning of that text in.the,Rfaltre; is only this ;.:The rig{ItePU4 {hall