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Chap. 30. An Expofttion upon the Bodo, cf Jo B. Verf. r6. r6r ¡hall have a fucce(fion of Joy after forrow,their farrow (hall not be perpetual), nor abide for ever. As the rod of the wicked (hall not (Tfal. /25.3.) fo God will not let his rod reft upon the lot of the righteous. Though their night of farrow Continue many dayes and weeks, yea rnoneths and yeares, yet they (hall have a morningofJoy. Soloman faith ofthe meere worldly man, (5ccl. 5. r7.) Allhis dayes be eateth in darknes , and he bath much farrow and wrath withhisfscknes. And as:through his vexa- tious cares in getting and keeping the things of the world , he deprives himfelfe of all comfort in the ufeof them all the dayes ofhis life , fo when hedeeth, begoes to the generation ot hid fa- thers, they ( that is, both he and they dal! never fee: light, (Pf, 1.49.19. ) Thus in this life a .wickedmars night of trouble runs through all his dayes, for.all his dayes he eateth in darknes, through the darknes of hisown fpirit and practice and the life tocome, (through the righteous judgementof God) will be to him as one everlafting night, for he (hall never fee ( that is, en- joy ) light. But hares the comfort of the righteous, that ifrheit" afflic`tion dayes are many, yet they are but dayes of affl &ion they (hall not fede an eternity ofaffflidion. Saints have affisdi_ on dayes, The wicked have an Eternitieof afflifíion ; noof itdion (hall enter into theEternity of Saints;Thewhole eternityof the wicked (ball be affidion. When once;believers havedone with dayes, they have done with forrowes'; all te?aaiiir1lf be wiped not only off from but out of their eyes . Thevery-fpringofteares (hall be dried upfor ever, and they delivered nor only, from aduall farrow, but from the poff bihty,ofit. 'Tis but whileour lives are meafure4 by dayes ,that theadáyes oflhelodly .art darknedwith.cioudsornights.oftamable. ì Thirdly, In that Yob fpeakes ofaffiliftiou,dayes taking, hold of hire, weal _ an., a. Note. eAfflic`lion will come in time, in itsfeafon or day; 'Whin 'he-day appornc.dcp otnes,,= lichon- tvill;come .nf- flidiondayes will as certainly come, as our birth day car,e,or is our death-day iscoming, arid there is oneand the same reafonof . all even becaufe theyareall i pornted," < If the chargea ofour dayes, our dayes offoy,arïd"tiìr:A*16 of for`rto,i,o r feá`I dayes, r.:,1 ,, , Y and