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i62, .db Etpofrticn xpsn the Book, cf Jo a. Vert.. 16. and our fait dayes The dayes wherein wee eate the fat and drink the fweet ; and the dayes wherein we drinke teares and feed upon allies , are und:cr an unchangeable appoyntment: there's noavoyding them, they will come,they will take holdof us,and poffeffe us.David laichof the wicked rcan,(13fal37.13,) 7re'Lord /hall larsgh at him ; Why? fcr he fetch that his day is Coming : the wicked man pleafeth himfelfe in his profperous condition, then he laughs and rejoyceth ; and then the Lord laughs at him. None have Inch caufe to mourne as they,at whom God laughs. God laughs at the wicked man ; and why ? becaufe he fees a dayof blacknes, a day ofClouds and darknes, a day of gloomines and thick darkncs (as the Prophet noel fpeakes) that is, a day ofgreat trouble coming juftly upon him : the Lord fees that a blacke day is Coming upon the wicked man, whichwill turne all his plots agaitft the righteous(in the hoped fucceffeof which he r&oyced ) upon his own head. Nowas fomeungodly men have ipecially appointed black dayes coming upon them in this world for ruine and deftroetion ; fo the godlyhave dayesof ntìliftion appointed them for tryali and correc} ion: Nor doth the beft of Saints know how Toone fuch a day maycome upon him : Now it is a day of health with a godly man, but a day of ficknes may quickly come uponhim ; now it is a day of riches, but a dayof poverty may quickly come upon him ;now it is a day of credit or honour in the world but a day of difgrace and re- proach from the world may be coming, a, d quickly come upon him. It is laid (P141. 37. i S.) The Lord knowetb the dyes ofthe stpright ; That is, he knowes what kind of dares or times they !hall live in and paffe thorough. He knowes not only what na- tural!, but what providential! dayes Thal I goe over their heads, what changes they (hall be in, or meet with while they arepaf- fing through this world. Looke what. tr enables the Lord knowes . will come upon any day,they will comeat their day as lure as the day corneal,. Fourthly , ?ob doth not only fay that dayes of afi3i&ion came 'von him, but they tookhold upon him.. Hence niirel. when 4'f/it-lion comes, it takes hold, it taktsf..f} hold andwill nat,let est gee till Godgives leave. f ffliâio.r